3 Days A Week Routine For Women

With a three times a week routine and a healthy, balanced diet, you will reach your goals in less time

A 3-day-a-week women’s routine is perfect for allowing your muscles to rest and recover from exertion. Also, it gives us the freedom to do other activities on the days off.

In this article we will give you examples of routines for women to repeat 3 times a week.

Option 1 routine for women 3 days a week

Let’s say you go to the gym (or work out at home) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This will give you a day of rest between each routine, something that is very beneficial for your muscles.

In addition, you will have the added advantage of having free time to comply with obligations and activities. Pay attention to this 3 days a week routine for women:

Day 1: chest, shoulders and triceps

The first training day of the week you will focus on the upper body. The exercises we recommend are: dumbbell bench press, incline bench openings,  peck-deck,  dumbbell press  , french press  (three sets of 12 reps each), side raises, elevation and extension of pulleys (two sets of 12 reps each) .

Day 2: legs and buttocks

On this day you will work with the lower body, which we women pay close attention to. The exercises are as follows: sumo squats (four sets of 15 reps each), Romanian deadlifts (four sets of three reps), elevation of the twins (three sets of 20 reps), quadriceps extension (three sets of 15 reps), and strides (three sets of 12 repetitions).

Squat in the routine for women

Day 3: back and biceps

We train the top again, but in this case the back. The exercises of the day are: V-handle extension, row with bar,  bicep curl with bar and alternating bicep curl with squats (three sets of 12 repetitions each).

Every day you have to do 10 minutes of aerobic warm-up, it can be a static bike, a treadmill or a stepper . It also includes the abs: four sets of 20 repetitions of each of these exercises: shoulder lifts, oblique and lumbar lifts.

Option 2 routine for women 3 days a week

In order not to get bored, after repeating the previous routine 3 days a week for a month, we advise you  to change some exercises, their order and repetitions. Here is another very effective idea.

Day 1: glutes, twins and femur

To train your lower body well you will need to do the following exercises: stride, Romanian deadlifts, inclined femoral curl , seated femoral curl  , hip lift with bar, hip extension with bar,  twin extension (three sets of fifteen repetitions) and weightless heel lift (two srie of 25 repetitions).

Day 2: full bust

The second day you will focus on the chest, back, shoulders and arms.  The exercises are: closed extension,  military press  (four sets of 15 reps), open extension, elevations,  bicep curl  , bicep extension (three sets of 15 reps),  incline press  and row with bar (two sets of 15 minutes).

Day 3: Adductors, abductors and quadriceps

We will focus on the lower body again. On this third day of training you can perform the following exercises: squats  with the bar with feet together,  inclined press  , horizontal (four sets of 15 reps), extensions (three sets of 18 reps) adductor with machine, abductor with machine (three sets of 15 reps), lumbar extension (two sets of 20 reps), abdominal plank (three reps of 40 seconds each).

Abs exercises

As in the previous routine, it’s always important to start with a 10-minute warm-up, sit-ups, and 30 minutes of cardio. Don’t forget to stretch all the muscles and pay close attention to the ones you have trained.

Achieving good results with these routines is all about perseverance, commitment to training, and not giving up. And, of course, get the advice of a trainer and a nutritionist. This way you will see more progress and reduce the risk of injury and pain.

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