30-day Pull-up Program

Here is a 30-day program to practice pull-ups, get a scandalous body and surprise everyone. It’s an easy way to get fit in record time
30-day pull-up program

You may have seen some videos on the Internet where an athlete performs a pull-up program and is able to do several in minutes and wondered if you can do it. Certainly. You just need to work out every day and follow a  30-day pull-up program . You will be amazed by the results.

Pull-ups: Understanding the exercise

Before tackling the 30-day pull-up challenge, it would be a good idea to learn a little about this exercise. Basically it could be said that it is a flexion of the arms done in suspension. This means that you have to hang from a bar and support your entire body weight (some athletes add even more weight with some specific tools).

Once you are hanging with your arms outstretched, you have to flex your elbows, apply strength to your shoulders and abdomen, and cross the bar with half your body. Basically, you should stand with your waist above the bar.

Pull-up program

Pull-ups are a very complete and complicated exercise to perform if you are a beginner. However, the good news is that it allows you to strengthen your back and train biceps, wrists, trapezes, lats, among other things.

30-day pull-up program

If you’ve ever practiced pull-ups at the gym, you might be interested in taking on this 30-day challenge. To achieve the goal, you have to perform the technique in detail. This way you will avoid overloading some muscles, hurting yourself or having pain.

Avoid sloping your shoulders when lifting your body, as this could overload the muscles in the area and cause poor movement coordination. If you hold them back, you will put them under less strain.

Also,  we recommend that you bring your arms close to your chest, so that lifting your body is easier. Remember that the effort should only be done with the arms and back. Do not move your hips and legs to swing and aid in the momentum. If you bring your knees to your chest, you will notice a reduction in weight.

That said, it’s time to explain what the 30-day pull-up program will look like (and how to complete). You are ready?

First of all, you have to divide the days into two: A and B.  In phase A you will do three sets of isometric pull-ups resisting as much as possible in elevation, with a two-minute break between each. In phase B you will do three sets of isometric pull-ups resisting at least 30% less than the time you resisted the day before. If, for example, ten seconds was the maximum on day A, on day B, you will have to last at least seven seconds.

It is essential to perform the technique correctly and, even when you think you can’t do it anymore, still try to do one last repetition. This will give you the courage and motivation to keep fighting for your goal. And you will surely reach it!

How to perform pull-ups

How to establish the pull-up program

It is also very important to  respect the rest days, which are alternating and will decrease with each passing day. They are used to strengthen the muscles after training and avoid injuries and contractures. A good way to tackle the challenge is to build on a table like this:

  • 1st day: 5 repetitions
  •  2nd day: rest
  •  3rd day: 6 repetitions
  •  4th day: rest
  •  5th day: 8 repetitions
  •  6th day: rest
  •  7º day: 8 repetitions
  •  8th day: 10 repetitions
  •  9º day: rest
  •  10º day: 10 repetitions
  •  11º day: rest
  •  12º day: 12 repetitions
  •  13º day: rest
  •  14th day: 12 repetitions
  •  15th day: 14 repetitions
  •  16th day: rest
  •  17th day: 15 repetitions
  •  18th day: rest
  •  19th day: 17 repetitions
  •  20th day: rest
  •  21st day: 19 repetitions
  •  22nd day: 21 repetitions
  •  23rd day: rest
  •  24th day: 23 repetitions
  •  25º day: rest
  •  26º day: 25 repetitions
  •  27th day: rest
  •  28º day: 27 repetitions
  •  29th day: rest
  •  30º day: 30 repetitions

Almost without realizing it, and by dosing your efforts well, after 30 days you will be able to perform 30 pull-ups in a row. Once you reach your goal, you can continue like this for another month or increase the intensity… until you can do 50 pull-ups per session!

But let’s do things step by step. First of all you can do 30 pull-ups (which is enough) and then see what fate holds. In any case, we can assure you that both the back and the arms will be much stronger at the end of the challenge.


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