4 Secrets To Having Well-defined Muscles

We reveal 4 secrets to having well-defined muscles. Put them into practice and enjoy the results!
4 secrets to having well-defined muscles

Everyone at some point in their life would like to have a lean body, with well-defined muscles and in top condition. However, few really know what that means.

Undoubtedly, being in shape is synonymous with health and good physical condition. There are various ways to feel this way and having muscles defined is one of them. In this article, we reveal 4 secrets to having well-defined muscles. Read on!

What does it mean to have well-defined muscles?

First, it’s important to understand the difference between having defined muscles or being hypertrophied. To understand this difference, several aspects must be considered, including genetics, training and diet.

To clarify this point, two concepts that are often confused in the world of fitness are worth clarifying : defining and toning.

Define the muscles

In general terms, defining muscles means losing the fat accumulated around them. As a result, they will appear more sculpted on an aesthetic level.

Tone the muscles

Toning up means increasing the volume of muscle mass, so we will be stronger during the rest phase. Each individual has different muscle tone and their level of hypertrophy tends to vary.

Boy training.

How to get well-defined muscles?

Based on the above and after having clarified this difference, we will now expose a series of “secrets” to obtain well-defined muscles based on the results you want to obtain. Let’s begin!

First, tone up

As we have seen before, this concept is often confused with the definition of muscles. Before toning up, it is recommended that you acquire good muscle volume.

Therefore, the ideal is to carry out an adequate and planned strength routine based on the type of body you have. This will make the muscles grow progressively. The goal is to define, and to do so, there must first be something to “define”.

Don’t let yourself be defeated by anxiety or impatience

When a person enters the world of fitness, just to obtain good results in terms of muscles, he often does it with a wrong idea and tends to be disappointed.

Many are convinced that within a month, at most two, they will achieve the desired results. However, to have well-defined muscles, it is necessary to be realistic and not be deceived by the speeches of those who just want to sell us the wrong idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtraining.

In addition, the influence of genetics, diet, mood and training methods must also be understood. Having patience and not getting anxious are one of the secrets to having well-defined muscles.

Cardio, yes, but don’t overdo it

High-intensity aerobic exercises are important for burning fat. The ideal would be to find a balance between strength training and prolonged aerobic training.

When we overdo it, the muscle begins to suffer consequences, such as the loss of muscle mass. The idea is to define the body, not to overdo it and get too thin.

Woman training with ropes.

We can increase muscle mass during the first few cycles of the training plan by doing cardio intervals, but of low intensity. Then, over time, we can increase cardio without neglecting strength exercises.

Muscle rest

It doesn’t matter how much effort you put in to get well-defined muscles: if you don’t rest properly, you will never reach the goal.

Muscle rest allows you to rebuild tissues: this  is how hypertrophy works. On the other hand, various hormones act during the hours of sleep, among which the growth hormone stands out.

Be guided by a personal trainer to get well-defined muscles

The latter is a recommendation that we never tire of giving. If you want well-defined muscles, you will need to contact a personal trainer.

In addition, it is also worth consulting with your family doctor, a nutritionist, a professional sports coach and someone with some experience in the world of training. While it may seem like a rather “trivial” piece of advice, it is the secret that will help you reduce the risk of injury and improve the results achieved.

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