4 Useful Tips For Playing Sports In The Summer

Playing sports in the summer is not always easy due to the heat, but there are many ways to continue exercising profitably. Just follow some useful tips.
4 useful tips for playing sports in the summer

When summer arrives, it is inevitable to think about how the rise in temperature affects sports performance. However, with the proper precautions, the quality of your training won’t suffer too much. Read on to learn about our useful tips for playing sports in the summer.

Sometimes, the arrival of summer hinders the continuity and productivity of training. Or at least it questions your predisposition to train because of the extreme heat.

However, it is worth remembering that summer is also an excellent opportunity to practice other types of sports that are not so suitable for the times of the year when temperatures are lower, such as surfing or swimming.

Summer is the perfect time to go out and have fun, although the time of day when you decide to train is also important. Usually, the morning is the best time to work out, especially if it will be very hot that day. Read our useful tips for playing sports in the summer.

Useful tips for playing sports in the summer

Summer might be a good time to put excuses aside and be aware of how important it is to keep exercising, even during the summer months. If you decide to do so, to combat the high temperatures you will have to put into practice some useful tips for doing sports in the summer.

Some may seem very obvious, like keeping yourself hydrated at all times or protecting your skin with sunscreen. However, there are others who will pleasantly surprise you. Let’s see them together.

1. Wear appropriate clothing

The first of our useful tips for playing sports in the summer is to choose the appropriate clothes. Try to choose clothes that are light and light in color and that are of an absorbent material, to facilitate the evaporation of sweat.

We advise you to opt for the purchase of protective clothing against UV rays. There are many UV protection garments that are specially designed to protect the skin from the sun’s rays.

Keeping hydrated: girl drinks on a beach

2. Always stay hydrated

Staying well hydrated is one of the most important aspects when it comes to playing sports in the summer. When you sweat, your body loses not only water, but also electrolytes and salt. Dehydration greatly reduces sports performance, due to the symptoms that occur.

This delicate balance of water and electrolytes is critical to the proper functioning of the body. In this sense, if you don’t drink enough water while exercising in the summer, you can risk dehydration and feel dizzy and nauseous.

If the signals are not recognized, dehydration can even cause kidney failure and, in extreme cases, death. On the other extreme, if you drink too much water without replenishing the electrolytes, hyponatremia can occur.

3. Sunscreen, essential for sports in the summer

Sunscreen is a necessity, as in the summer it is easy to burn and take damage to the skin even on cloudy days. Sunscreen should be applied 15 minutes before sun exposure and again every two hours or after swimming or sweating.

Be especially careful when staying near water and sand, as these two elements reflect UV rays and can cause sunburn more quickly. It is best to stay in the shade whenever possible during sports and to limit sun exposure during peak hours.

4. Do the warm-up exercises

Even in the summer, it is important to gently warm up the muscles and joints before playing sports. Also, after being physically active outdoors, you will need to give your body time to cool down before entering a significantly different temperature environment, such as an air-conditioned building.

Summer sport padel tennis

Whichever discipline you choose, as the fun in the open air increases, the risk of injury increases. It is important to be aware of the potential dangers of summer sports and to take the proper steps to stay safe.

We hope that you found our useful tips for playing sports in the summer interesting and that it will not make you miss any training. In any case, the most important thing is to listen to your body. If you experience dizziness, weakness or nausea, you should stop exercising immediately and see a doctor for any signs of a heat-related illness.

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