5 Common Mistakes When Doing Push-ups

Knowing the most common mistakes during push-ups will allow you to improve your technique and avoid possible injuries. To find out more, read this article.
5 common mistakes when doing push-ups

Taking a closer look at the different training programs, regardless of the goal, we will find that pushups are a fundamental part of any routine. This is a basic exercise for both beginners and professional athletes. However, despite being one of the most famous exercises, many mistakes are made when doing pushups.

These end up becoming a problem that affects the correct development of the training plan and therefore prevents the achievement of results.

Common mistakes when doing push-ups

The technique is the correct execution of a movement. In this case, we will focus on the push-up technique, i.e. push-ups with the chest. When the technical gesture is performed incorrectly, pain begins to appear in different regions of the body, as well as injuries. Furthermore, this prevents desired muscle development.

For this reason, it is necessary to identify the most common mistakes when doing pushups. In this way it will be possible to improve the technique and avoid getting hurt.

1. Not breathing, one of the most frequent mistakes during push-ups

Not breathing while performing an exercise is a more common mistake than most people realize. A large number of people avoid breathing when doing push-ups; others, on the other hand, retain the air. Both cause problems on a physiological level.

Making the mistake of holding air or not breathing during exercise can alter blood pressure. In addition, this produces fatigue, dizziness and prevents the exchange of oxygen in the lungs.

Man doing a push-up.
A straight back and good breathing are key to perfecting the push-up technique.

2. Having bad back posture

Another common mistake when doing push-ups is the wrong position of the back. Many make a too pronounced curve of the lumbar region, by lowering or raising the hips, or there are curves between the dorsal and cervical region, which indicate a poor execution of the technique.

This can cause back pain and also prevents you from achieving the expected result. One of the main problems caused by this error is low back pain, i.e. pain in the lower back.

3. Do push-ups incompletely

This is one of the most common mistakes, especially in people who don’t do sports regularly. Incomplete push-ups are very common due to a lack of strength.

It may happen that at the moment of flexion, there is little strength to support the body. Therefore the exercise is incomplete and the lowering of the chest with respect to the floor is prevented as much as possible.

Regardless of the type of business, quality should always prevail over quantity. When the technique is poor and incomplete, pushups do not help the body and, on the contrary, can damage it.

4. Move the hip

This mistake is similar to a bad back posture. However, it is not just about the lumbar curvature by lowering the hip, but about different movements.

Group of fitness people doing push-ups.

Sharply moving your hips in a different way can cause an imbalance when performing the exercise. The hips should remain straight with respect to the legs and back, and you should avoid focusing force on them.

5. Put your hands in the wrong position

Among the most common beginner mistakes, the wrong hand position is one of the most common. When the hands are placed with the fingers in or out of the axis of the body, tension is generated in the wrists.

This mistake can cause injuries and very annoying pain. For this reason, the hands should be aligned with the shoulders, with the fingers pointing forward.

Doing pushups without mistakes is essential

Don’t be put off by mistakes that are made during push-ups, because we can learn from them. They shouldn’t even be considered amateur mistakes, because even the most experienced athlete could make them.

However, the ideal is to learn how to do pushups well to stimulate the desired muscles, i.e. the pectorals, deltoids and brachial triceps, among others. In this way, we will not only achieve good results, but we will avoid the appearance of significant ailments or injuries throughout the body.

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