6 Basic Rules Of Boxing

The basic rules of boxing will help you if you want to start practicing this sport but also if you just want to watch it on television. Read this article!
6 basic rules of boxing

Knowing the basic rules of boxing will help you to start practicing this sport, or to understand it if you watch it on television or in a stadium. Do you know what are the 6 basic rules of boxing?

Boxing is one of the most popular contact sports in the world. With a great history behind him, he obviously has a regulation that accepts certain hits and limits various movements towards the opponent.

What are the basic rules of boxing?

Boxing is a sport with centuries of history, but it has not always been played the same way. In the beginning, in ancient Rome and Greece, fights often ended with one of the players seriously injured or killed. Fortunately, with the passage of time, a series of rules have been established that prevent fighters or boxers from suffering serious injuries.

The basic rules of boxing will help you understand why the sport is not as violent as it looks from outside the ring and how it was thought to take care of both players during the fight.

1. The size of the ring

First of all, it is important to know that the place within which the struggle takes place has its own rules. The so-called ring must measure at least 5.48 meters per side and must have an area of ​​7.31 square meters.

The edges are covered with a 2.5cm thick foam pad and the floor should be made of an elastic material that covers the wooden deck. The ropes that surround the ring must also be wrapped in a soft material.

2. Obligatory clothing

Woman playing boxing.
Knowing how to control anger is one of the main benefits of sport.

It is essential to respect this rule in boxing, because the uniform changes depending on whether it is amateur or professional practice. In the first case, boxers wear a shirt, just like in Olympic boxing. Until 2016, non-professionals had to wear a helmet.

In addition, the gloves will be specific by weight category and everyone must wear a mouthguard. Chest protection is mandatory for women and groin protection for men.

On the other hand, before starting the fight, it is checked that the protective bandages of the hands are positioned correctly, without covering the knuckles, with gauze or adhesive tape. The outfit is completed with shorts, light sports shoes and, for women, hair gathered in a braid.

3. The score

The scoring system in boxing can be confusing. The judges assign a score taking into account the punches and dodges that each boxer makes, but also their effectiveness.

At the end of each round, a 10 is awarded to the wrestler who according to the judge was higher and a 9 to the underdog. When one of the two fighters falls, one point is deducted ; if it falls twice, 2 points. In this case, the card will be 10-8 or 10-7 respectively.

4. Boxing rules: the categories

This is one of the most complicated issues in terms of basic boxing rules. In this sport there are 17 different categories depending on the weight of the opponents.

From lowest to highest, they are:

  • Fly (52kg)
  • Feather (57kg)
  • Lightweight (63kg)
  • Welter (69kg)
  • Medium (75kg)
  • Light Heavyweight (81kg)
  • Maximum (91kg)
  • Super Max (+ 91kg)

In women’s boxing there is no cruiserweight, and in heavyweight the maximum is 79.37 kilos (versus 90.72 kilos in men).

5. Permitted and Forbidden Hits

Basically, the boxer must always hit the fists and front and top of his opponent. It is not allowed to strike below the waist, in the kidneys or in the back of the neck; nor with the palm of the hand, elbows, shoulders, forearms, knees, legs or feet.

6. Other rules of boxing

The boxer takes a blow in the face.

Rounds in a fight range from 4 to 12, with a duration of 3 minutes for men and 2 minutes for women. 1 minute of rest is allowed between one and the other.

When a contestant falls to the ground, the referee must count to 10. If within that time limit the boxer does not get up, the opponent wins by KO. If he gets up and the judge thinks he can keep fighting, then keep fighting.

Now that you know the basic rules of boxing, you can start looking at it with different eyes, knowing what is allowed and what is forbidden. It is a very exciting sport!

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