6 CrossFit Exercises With The Plyometric Box

CrossFit exercises with boxes cannot be missing in a complete workout, because they help to work all muscle groups. Let’s see some of them.
6 CrossFit exercises with the plyometric box

If you think of a CrossFit class, there are some tools that cannot be missing: a rope, a giant tire and a plyometric box. There are many CrossFit exercises that you can do with a box during training… and not just jumping on it!

In this article, we take a closer look at this trendy discipline to make you discover what the box is for in training. Remember, however, that it is always advisable to train under the guidance and supervision of a certified professional instructor.

What are the best CrossFit exercises with boxes

There are those who call it box, who call it box… in any case, we refer to that large wooden cube typical of the gyms where CrossFit is practiced. It is more than versatile, and you can use it to train your arms, legs, abs or back. Among the best CrossFit exercises with the box, we recommend the following:

1. Step up

Getting in and out of the box is an exercise that may seem easy, but after several repetitions, you will pray to stop. The repetitive up and down motion mainly trains the thighs, hips, glutes and core.

To step up on the box, you need to stand on one side of the box, raise your right leg and place your foot on top of the cube. Then, lift the other leg and slowly lower it. When you finish, you have to do the same movement but starting with the left leg.

2. Box jump

The box jump is one of the most powerful exercises in CrossFit.

When you reach a good level of training, you can try to do a jump with legs together to get on the box. The technique for the box jump is as follows:

  • Stand in front of the box and spread your legs hip-width apart.
  • Bend your knees slightly to give yourself a push and jump with your feet together.
  • Also help yourself with your arms, bringing them backwards at the moment of the jump.

It is important that you keep your knees bent while touching the box with your feet – as if you were doing a squat – and that your arms are extended forward.

3. Push up on the box

Push-ups and the plyometric box are a winning combination. To start, stand in front of the tool, bring your body forward and place your hands on the edge. Extend your legs backward on tiptoe. Once in position, bend your arms to bring your face closer to the box, then straighten your arms to complete one rep.

Another option is to use the box to support the feet. Turn your back towards the box and place your toes on it and then “walk” with your hands on the floor until your body is fully stretched. Bend your elbows and lower your chest as far as possible, like in a normal push up.

4. Deep

Guys performing triceps deeps on the box.

Another CrossFit exercise that cannot be missed. Deeps are used to train triceps and back muscles. To perform this exercise, bring your back to the box and place your hands on the edge, with the fingers pointing downwards. Bring your body as close to the box as possible and bend your knees to lower your torso.

The idea is to raise and lower the body by stretching and bending the elbows. You can also do this with straight legs.

5. Lateral jumps

Girl performing a side jump with the CrossFit box.

We challenge you to try this CrossFit exercise that will allow you to train your lower body, as well as improve coordination and concentration. Start by placing yourself on one side of the box, for example on the left side.

Bend your legs into the squat position and, with great force, jump sideways to land with both feet on the box. Lower yourself slowly and do the same on the other side.

6. Bulgarian squat on the box

This exercise trains the thighs, legs and glutes, as well as balance. If you want to practice, turn your back to the box and take a big step forward. Bend your right knee back and place your instep on the box.

Girl performing a Bulgarian squat using pillows.

Keeping your back straight and arms across your chest throughout the exercise, bend your right knee so that it is as close to the box as possible. Bend the left knee to help lower the body further. Repeat on the other side.

Did you know that, in addition to CrossFit exercises, you can also use this tool for stretching ? At the end of the workout, rest one leg well extended and try to touch the foot with both hands; then do the same with the other leg. Finally, stretch the other muscle groups you have trained as well, and the workout is complete!

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