7 Exercises For The Shoulders With The Elastic Bandage

These 7 shoulder exercises with the elastic bandage will allow you to train wherever you want in a very effective way.
7 shoulder exercises with the elastic bandage

Among the many accessories we have available to train our body, the elastic bandage stands out for its practicality. In all types of spaces, we can use it to work with a large number of muscle groups.

In this article, we present some shoulder exercises with the elastic bandage . Let’s not waste time and… at work!

7 shoulder exercises with the elastic bandage

1. Row up to the neck

To begin with this exercise, you must place one foot in front of the other and pass the elastic bandage under the most advanced foot, placing the foot exactly in the center of the elastic band. In this way, the bandage will be divided into two equal parts, which you will logically grasp with each of your hands.
The exercise consists of bringing the hands from full extension – that is, from the waist – to the neck or chin. The peculiarity of this exercise is that the elbows should be facing outwards. At the time of full flexion, these should be above the shoulders.
A variation of this exercise is to do it with your hands joined. Of course, you need to join the ends of the elastic together to get a firmer grip.

2. Lifts or lateral “wing” movements

We continue with an exercise similar to the previous one: once again, we will step on the elastic bandage with one foot. Then, with one hand on each end, we will extend our arms to the sides, forming a cross with our body and arms. The movement is basically that of the birds’ wings.
The arms should remain semi-extended; this means that the elbows must have a minimum angle of flexion. Do not bring your arms too high, slightly exceed the height of the shoulders and the exercise will be well done.

Elastic band

3. Lifts or frontal “wing” movements

Although it is a similar exercise to the previous one, it has some marked differences. In addition to working with different components of the shoulder muscle groups, for these lifts we have to step on the elastic bandage with both feet.
From this position, do the same movement as in the previous exercise, but forward. Again, you should go from the waist up to a little above the shoulders.

4. Shoulder raises with the elastic bandage

This is one of the shoulder exercises with the elastic bandage that most emulate what we do in the gym. As in the first, we will pass the band under one foot. In this case, we have to do it with the one that is further behind.
Then, imitate the movement you would do in the gym by lifting the metal bar. That is, hold the handles with the elbows bent at 90 ° and pull upwards, so as to pass the head with the elastic bandage. The arms should be fully extended at the end of the lift.

5. Openings

For this exercise, you need to loop the rubber band around a column or tree. Stand at a medium distance, so that the elastic bandage is taut while your arms are extended holding each end.
The exercise consists of opening the arms and bringing them to the sides of the body. Two important considerations: Again, the arms should be shoulder height and, in addition, they should be slightly flexed as in the previous movements.

6. External rotation

This exercise is an excellent way to work on the shoulder rotator cuff. Again you have to work with the elastic bandage attached to a column or tree, holding both handles with one hand.
You must stand upright, positioning yourself to the side of the support around which you have tied your elastic bandage. Then, with the arm furthest from the support, make a 90 ° angle with the elbow. Finally, turn your shoulder to take the grip from the front of your body; that is, the fist should be facing out, always with the elbow flexed.

7. Alternate Shoulder Raises

In this case, we’ll look at another example of a shoulder lift. The difference is that by doing the exercise with one arm at a time, you simulate more of the type of work you do in the gym with dumbbells.
Shoulder with elastic.

Clamp the elastic bandage around a column or other stable support. Therefore, keep a distance that allows the bandage to remain taut. While standing, don’t keep them in line, but place one foot in front of the other again.

Next, adopt the same position as the shoulder lifts described above. Instead of extending both arms at the same time, do it with one arm at a time.

As you can see, the shoulder exercises with the elastic bandage are extremely simple and varied. Furthermore, we can adjust the number of sets, repetitions and intensity of each exercise according to our wishes. Don’t wait and try them now!

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