8 Roller Sports You Need To Know

Skate sports are great, both on the rink and on the ice. And many are ideal for the summer
8 inline sports you need to know

They can be with blades or on wheels, on ice or on the rink… the truth is that skating sports are exciting in all their versions. How about reading this interesting article on 8 skating sports you need to know?

Sports on ice skates

The skates in this case have a blade on the lower part to be able to slide on the ice leaving a characteristic mark. The main ice skating sports are:

1. Figure skating on ice

It consists of interpreting a musical motif through spins, stunts, jumps and other tricks, both individually and in pairs. Using a scoring code, the judges determine who was the most technical or athletic. Figure ice skating takes place on tracks up to 60 meters long and 30 meters wide.

2. Ice hockey

In this sport, two teams of six players compete against each other: five players on the pitch and a goalkeeper. The goal is to drag a puck by hitting it with a long club and score goals in the opponent’s goal.

Ice hockey match

Ice hockey was invented in Canada and the first competition dates back to 1875. It is one of the most intense sports, requiring endurance and the ability to keep balance.

3. Extreme ice skating

As the name suggests, it is a dangerous sport, which consists of performing acrobatics on the ice, including jumps with and without rotation, turns, slides, spins, jumps, kicks and brakes. The same blade skates are used as hockey or figure ice skating.

4. Speed ​​skating on ice

Another one of the most adrenaline-pumping inline sports. It is a competition on a long skating rink and was invented in the Netherlands. The first championships date back to 1889. At the Olympics there are 12 ice skating competitions, half for men and the other half for women.

Sports on speed skates

What are roller skating sports?

Roller skates can be four-wheel or in-line, depending on the position of the wheels. The main sports in this category are:

1. Roller hockey

Roller hockey is a team sport, where matches are played between two teams of five players each – four on the pitch and one goalkeeper – in an enclosed field. The goal is to hit a ball with a club and score goals in the opponent’s goal. Roller hockey is another of the most popular skate sports.

Boys play rollerblading hockey

The world powers of roller hockey are Spain, Portugal and Argentina. The skates used are those with four wheels (two front and two rear).

2. Figure skating on wheels

This sport requires a lot of physical preparation, as it is necessary to respect a series of mandatory and other additional figures. Figure skating is divided into several competitions: compulsory figures, free skating, dance, couples, free dance, precision and show .

Roller skating with rollerblading

3. Inline skating

Inline skating is a sport that uses a special type of skates, rollerblades , which have all four wheels aligned. You can compete on a track with two straight lines and two curves, on a course or on a closed circuit between 400 and 1000 meters in length and on an open circuit, with a course between two points.

Skate sports: inline skating

The tests are divided into: track, individual time trial, short distance, half distance, long distance, depending on the distances covered.

4. Skate sports: roller derby

This sport involves speed, strategy and contact. It originated in the United States and traditional four-wheeled skates are used. The track is oval and runs counterclockwise. Roller derby is one of the most particular wheel sports.

Roller derby: indoor game

The two participating teams consist of five players and the goal is to earn the most points, which are achieved when a scorer overtakes a defender.

Finally, the other noteworthy skating sports are street skating, which is usually at night, on the streets and with “hard boots”, and roller skating, which takes place in different scenarios, with roller skates. classics.

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