9 Tips To Improve Your Swimming Technique

With some simple tips we can significantly increase our performance underwater; patience and practice will be our best allies 
9 tips to improve your swimming technique

Often, as hard as people train, they cannot swim faster or acquire better swimming technique. Improving your swimming technique will not only result in a more refined and beautiful style to look at but also in an effective and comfortable way to progress in the activity.

In this article you will find our best tips that will help you  improve your swimming technique!

Tips to improve your swimming technique

Increase training days

To improve your swimming technique, the first tip is to start with two training days a week; thereafter it will gradually increase up to five days a week.

We do not tell you, however, to go to the pool five days a week, because although swimming is a beneficial activity it is also very tiring; and we know that muscles need a reasonable recovery period.

improve swimming technique

Divide the strokes

One of the most important tips is to divide your stroke movements and focus fully and individually on each one.

How to divide the movements? Mentally the swimmer has to concentrate and establish several stages. For example, one of the movements is the moment of entering the hand in the water, the other the moment of breathing, the stroke and finally the recovery.

Open the armpits

opening the armpits is one of the ways to improve swimming technique; there are several exercises that facilitate the improvement of this skill. The goal is to improve propulsion; to do this the armpits should be separated when the gripping hand is positioned or points towards the bottom.

Place your elbows high

In the style of swimming known as the Crawl it is important to place the elbows high. In this case, the movement must be coordinated with good concentration at the moment of breathing, as well as keeping the head in the same position without trying to move it. Keeping the elbow high facilitates the pulling phase which results in a greater impulse for each stroke.

Tips to improve your swimming technique

The secret of breathing

With the passage of time you learn to master many of the aspects that initially frighten the swimmer; this is the case with breathing. However, it is sometimes difficult to adapt to it and achieve perfect balance.

What is certain is that breathing is something very personal and every swimmer must discover his or her own rhythm. The recommendation is to breathe at least every three strokes.

improve swimming technique

Don’t overload your body 

It is important that the swimmer does not overload the body with exhausting exercises. Training to improve your swimming technique must first and foremost be intelligent. This means that swimming sessions should not be performed after practicing other sports or exercises such as spinning or running, for example.

Keep your head still

Some variables are fundamental when practicing swimming styles such as front crawl or backstroke, as in the case of the head that must be kept still.  It is the body that has to turn and not the head.

In the case of the crawl it is recommended that the shoulder is aligned with the rest of the body. This will not only facilitate a greater and more effective impulse, but will also reduce the chances of getting injured.

Speed ​​up your hand in the water

To gain more momentum, one of the best tips is to speed up your hand once it comes into contact with the water. The course should start at a low speed and continue increasing the intensity, until there is more pressure and therefore a greater impulse.

improve swimming technique

The freestyle kick

In freestyle, the kick is a key part of achieving greater goals. It must be born strongly from the hips and not from the knees. You shouldn’t bend your knees too much, because in addition to the risk of possible injury, friction is generated by subtracting speed.

With these simple tips you will be able to improve your swimming technique. In practice, swimming is considered to be one of the most complete and demanding sports disciplines.

Both in competitive and amateur form, it is an activity that requires sacrifices, perseverance and a lot of patience. With the appropriate advice and perfecting your technique, you will be able to achieve your goals more easily.

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