Acquagym: The Importance Of Water Gymnastics

In addition to swimming, there are other sports that can be practiced in the water, water aerobics is one of them. It allows you to carry out real workouts. The routines are great fun and particularly challenging due to the resistance produced by the water.
Aquagym: the importance of water gymnastics

Swimming is not the only way to train in water, we are referring especially to water aerobicsYou should know that water offers resistance which is very useful for those who practice sports. Let’s find out together a fun and effective way to train in the water.

Anyone who thinks they can use a swimming pool as a gym is absolutely right. In the past, assuming to put a bicycle in a swimming pool would have been considered madness, today it is possible.

What is water aerobics ?

L ‘ water aerobics is simply performing their exercises of gymnastics in a swimming pool full of water. This practice takes the typical movements of many gymnastic exercises and proposes them again in a swimming pool.

Clearly, there are some differences from performing traditional exercises. The first is that, due to the water, there is less impact on the joints. The second is that, due to the increased effort, the routines are generally shorter. But that doesn’t mean they are less effective.

In addition, the dynamics of the exercises allow you to make workouts more fun. In this way, people who have more difficulties are able to focus better on the physical activity they are doing.

Typical exercises and tools

There are various types of exercises that can be performed when practicing this fun sport. These are the best known:

  • As in gyms, there are tools that allow you to train different areas of the body. For example, there are counter-current swimming devices that increase the resistance force of the water.
  • The water bike: when using the water bike the difficulty is increased by the resistance of the water. If the normal pedaling on land is very demanding, the one in the water requires more effort.
  • Foam tools ( swimming noodles, dumbbells, etc.): the goal is to use various movements and different grips to train the muscles. These tools do not necessarily have to be heavy because resistance is generated by water. If desired, weights can also be used.
people do water aerobics

General information on water aerobics routines

If we used to go to the gym and train for an hour or two, in the water the situation is very different. The first challenge is to complete a ten minute session. As we said earlier, training in the water is tiring and challenging.

The estimated ideal time for this discipline is 150 minutes per week. The most trained are able to achieve training sessions of 50 minutes. In this case, you have to leave a full day of rest between one workout and another.

You can perform daily routines of up to twenty minutes. This is generally the time taken by those at an intermediate level. This discipline is constantly evolving. Today there are different types of workouts, among them the aquatic CrossFit (or Aqua CrossFit).

The benefits of water aerobics

Generally, people who have physical problems or who are following a rehabilitation program feel comfortable doing water exercises. For example, obese people tend to choose this type of training over others. Furthermore, the exercises not only have the same intensity as those performed in a normal gym, but are also more demanding.

Another important aspect is that this type of activity is carried out in a comfortable and “cool” environment. People train and try a lot, but in a fun way – it almost feels like a game. Doing exercises in the water is more enjoyable than anaerobic routines performed on “dry land”.

You just have to use the normal exercises we do in the gym and perform them in the water. For example, you can train your abs or do squats. There are also those who swim for a few minutes to strengthen their torso.

girl practices water aerobics

Other important benefits

This sport allows us to train multiple muscles at the same time. But its benefits go far beyond physical training. This type of activity can be compared to a draining massage for the skin. Many find it relaxing.

In addition, aqua aerobics improves blood circulation. This also happens with traditional workouts, but the effects are more limited. Based on the characteristics of each, this type of training can be done all, regardless of age.

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