All The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Swimming

If you practice swimming or are considering starting this wonderful sport, it is convenient that you have in mind the following observations regarding its pros and cons.
All the advantages and disadvantages of swimming

If you want to practice this sport, surely you have learned about the advantages and disadvantages of swimming, one of the most complete sports that exists, but it is possible that you still have doubts. In this article, we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of swimming.

What are the advantages of the well-known?

We will start with the good news of this wonderful sport, to be practiced at any age and at any time of the year:

1. Helps to lose weight

When we swim, the body goes in the opposite direction to the force of the water, but we hardly realize it. This resistance helps to increase the work of the metabolism, which results in a greater consumption of calories and therefore increases the possibility of losing weight.

2. It’s good for your joints

In relation to what we said earlier, swimming has no impact on the knees, such as when we exercise on the floor. When we are afloat, the muscles do not have to support our weight. For this reason, it is recommended for people with arthritis, overweight or muscle pain.

3. Avoid diseases

By swimming, we can avoid certain diseases such as osteoporosis, which affects the bones especially of women over 45. In addition, it  strengthens the immune system and reduces cases of flu and colds in winter.

Advantages and disadvantages of swimming

4. Reduces Stress

Swimming promotes the production of a neurotransmitter called dopamine, which is responsible for regulating mood. In addition to this, this sport reduces anxiety, aids mental relaxation and reduces stress. It also allows you to sleep better and put aside insomnia.

5. Strengthens the heart

One of the main benefits of swimming – as with aerobic sports – is that it strengthens heart function and improves the circulatory system. This means that it regulates blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart attacks and even “cleans” the arteries.

6. Allows for socialization

Unless we rent the pool just for ourselves or have one of Olympic size to practice swimming we have to interact with other people, perhaps our age.

This is very good if we live alone or if we don’t have too many friends, as it generates a kind of “connection” with colleagues who share similar hobbies.

Disadvantages of swimming

Although swimming is a very complete and beneficial sport,  we must also indicate what the main disadvantages are.

1. Promotes some injuries

Mainly tendonitis, which appears when we practice it longer than recommended. It can affect the joints and is usually quite painful.

2. Appearance of fungi

Mycosis is one of the disadvantages of swimming,  but also of other sports, if we use the gym and the club showers. Foot fungus is common when we don’t dry well between the toes.

3. Skin allergies

Swimming pools are disinfected with a variety of chemicals, such as chlorine. This substance can, on the one hand, generate skin allergies, and on the other hand, irritate the mucous membranes, mainly those of the eyes. The latter can be reduced with good swimming goggles.

Practice swimming with goggles

4. Lack of suitable accessories

To practice swimming, we need a swimming pool (obviously) but also some specific accessories, such as a bathing suit, special goggles, a hair cap …  and we don’t always have a gym nearby where you can swim and / or swim. money to equip ourselves.

5. Abandonment in the winter

During the summer, swimming is a wonderful activity because it reduces the heat and allows us to stay in the pool without going on vacation. However, when winter comes, we are more likely to stop playing sports.

At the same time, we link swimming to winter illnesses such as colds, but these actually occur when we don’t cover well when we leave the gym or stay in wet clothes for a long time. If we are careful, we don’t have to why we get sick after swimming lessons.

As you can see, swimming has more advantages than disadvantages,  and even the latter can be avoided or reduced by means of specific habits. We recommend that you swim at least twice a week to enjoy all its benefits.

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