Avoiding Back Pain: How To Do It?

Back pain usually results from having bad habits every day. Don’t worry, there are various methods and techniques to avoid or reduce this type of pain.
Avoiding back pain: how to do it?

Poor posture, lifting excessive weights, or insufficient rest can have consequences in the back, lumbar or spine. In this article we will see what measures we can take to avoid back pain. By simply changing a few habits, we can feel much better.

Tips for avoiding back pain

The vast majority of the population suffer or have suffered from back and neck pain. It is a very common phenomenon, especially today when we are subjected to long and stressful working days. Symptoms can also appear for other reasons, such as performing an exercise with the wrong technique or sleeping with an unsuitable pillow.

1. Do Yoga or Pilates to avoid back pain

Both disciplines are good for your health because they allow you to stretch the muscles, strengthen the back and keep the spine straight. In addition, both yoga and pilates reduce anxiety, stress and insomnia.

yoga posture for the back

2. Lose weight so as not to burden your back

Being overweight has many negative consequences including back pain. When we have extra pounds, the excess weight puts a greater strain on the spine. You can consult a specialist (a nutritionist) and be prescribed a weight loss diet.

3. Sit properly

Generally, when we are in the office, we make the mistake of sitting on the edge of the chair. We advise you to sit well, with all your thighs on the chair, and to rest your back on the backrest. In this way you will reduce tensions and avoid low back pain, neck pain and back pain, typical of those who do not assume a correct session.

woman has back pain

Another tip, especially for men, is not to carry your wallet in the back pocket of your pants. You may be wondering, “What does this have to do with back pain?” Very. When sitting and one side of the body is “higher” than the other, the sciatic nerve is subjected to “wrong” strain for several hours.

4. Don’t wear high-heeled shoes all day

This is advice for women. Don’t wear high-heeled shoes all day. The force of gravity pushes you forward (towards your toes) and the lower back increases the effort to stay upright and balanced.

5. Exercise

In addition to yoga or pilates, you can choose to take a good walk, swim, cycle or use the stairs instead of the elevator. If you don’t have too much time to go to the gym, you can work out comfortably at home.

two women do pilates

6. Lift objects carefully

Even if you don’t believe it, one of the reasons for back pain is to use an incorrect technique when lifting an object from the ground. Also to collect documents, carpets that have fallen to the ground or to carry children in your arms, you have to use some precautions.

Here is a piece of advice that can be of great help to you. Position yourself in front of the object you want to lift, spread your legs shoulder-width apart, bend your knees and lower your body. Now, reach out your arms, grab the object and straighten your legs again. Remember to keep your back straight. In case the object in question is too heavy, ask for help or have someone else take it.

7. Improve your back posture

If you are working on a computer, pay attention to the distance between the monitor and the head. It is important that the neck remains straight (without pointing up or down) and that the arms are in a comfortable position, neither too straight nor too bent.

Finally, to relieve or avoid back pain, we recommend that you do some stretching every day. You can do this in the morning or at any other time of the day. For example, you can stand up, bring your arms forward, and then stretch them over your head. If you are lying down, you can bring your knees to your chest. If you are seated, you can put your hands behind your head and open your elbows.

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