Balance: Here Are Some Exercises To Improve It

Our body’s ability to maintain balance is something we only worry about as it causes a problem, whether it’s a fall or frequent tumbles. In reality, however, psychomotor skills greatly affect our quality of life and prevents injuries and sudden movements.
Balance: Here are some exercises to improve it

Keeping fit means having a toned body. This also involves making progress in terms of endurance and balance.

There are several exercises that can help us in this task and that we want to share with you to help improve your balance .

Do you want to improve your balance?

Improving balance is not a task strictly reserved for those who have suffered from injuries or who have mobility problems.

The ‘balance is un’abiltà we need to stimulate because, believe it or not, will strengthen your muscles and will allow a more gradual aging apparatus scheleletrico, since they assume, over a lifetime, the correct postures.

For this reason, we should all take note of the exercises that help improve balance, whether they are at home or in the gym. Here are some of them:


Woman doing pilates at home

We have already talked about all the benefits of pilates elsewhere and, without a doubt, improving balance is one of them. The different exercises that this discipline foresee to remain for a few seconds in uncommon positions ; consequently, the development of this motor capacity allows little by little to improve the balance.


Setting up obstacles – at home or in the gym – including a bar to walk along, a mat for somersaulting, or a defined space to run in place, is great for improving balance.

If you start counting the time from the beginning, you will notice the improvements day after day. Do you want to try?

Jump the rope

Woman jumping rope

One of the oldest sports, recognized as an adjunct to improving balance, is skipping with closed legs. In addition to working your motor skills and your reflexes, you will need to combine arm and leg movements and concentrate fully to maintain the position.

Don’t try too hard the first few times; start at a bearable pace and increase it as needed. Over time, you will notice increased stamina and improved balance.


You know that big gym ball? It is called fitball. Whether you are in the gym or at home, with one of these you can do a series of exercises that will help you maintain stability.

Begin by sitting on it with your arms outstretched, without moving, lifting first one foot and then the other. Count how many seconds you can hold the position. If you fall or stagger, start over.

Over time, as you improve, you can sit on the bale with your arms and legs outstretched and you can check for yourself if you are able to resist.


Walking with one foot in front of the other, having the heel of the first foot touch the toe of the second, is one of the best exercises for improving balance. Take as many steps as you can and increase your speed based on your ability to control balance.

Rest on your hands and knees

In addition to being an ideal exercise for the buttocks and to stretch the muscles, resting on one hand and knee on the same side of the body is an excellent exercise that will allow you to improve stability. What you need to do is stretch one leg and one arm together while placing your weight on the other side of your body to stay in this position as long as you can.

If you are consistent in performing these exercises every day – spending only a few minutes of your time – you will notice that your ability to maintain balance and your reflexes will improve dramatically. In the long run, this will contribute to a better quality of life. What are you waiting to try?


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