Benefits Of Core Exercises

Push-ups are among the best exercises to train the core. Find out all the benefits they offer.
Benefits of core exercises

Core exercises are a lifesaver for the body, improving overall health and fitness.

Before delving into this topic, however, it is important to contextualize and know what the core is, in order to clarify the concept and its contribution in sports performance and injury prevention.

We will then see what is the main focus of the muscles found in this area of ​​the body and why it is important to train them.

What is the core and why are core exercises important?

It is not a term explained in traditional anatomy books, but a functional concept that refers to the set of muscular and osteoarticular structures of the central area or, from the English term, core of the body.

It is a concept used mainly in the sports field. The structures that compose it act together both in maintaining the stability of the trunk and in the generation and transfer of force. In short, it is the generating axis of human movement.

Some authors define the core as «the ability to control the position and movement of the trunk on the pelvis, allowing the production, transfer and control of force and movement towards the distal or terminal elements of the kinetic chains that develop a sporting activity “.

The core is formed by the abdominal, lumbar, pelvic muscles, the buttocks and the deep muscles of the spine and abdomen. The main role of the core muscles is to maintain stability.

Exercises to train the core

Core exercises: push-ups

What is a flex?

Before seeing the benefits of push-ups together, it is important to know what type of activity we are referring to. In the sports field, we talk about an exercise whose purpose is to improve and train the core.

It consists of lifting off the ground forming an abdominal bridge, supporting the toes and forearms, elbows or hands depending on the level of the subject and the difficulty we want to implement in the exercise.

Benefits of pushups to strengthen the core

Taking into account and contrasting the views of different authors on this topic, we can point out the following benefits of exercises with push-ups:

  • Gain stability and strength in the lower and upper limbs.
  • Improving coordination, called coordinated coactivation, which is reflected in greater muscle activation, stiffness and stability.
  • Optimizing sports performance by developing the qualities of the muscles that make up the trunk structure, mainly strength, endurance and stabilizing capacity.
  • Make the muscles involved more flexible.
Exercises for the upper abdominals
  • Prevent injuries. For example, push-ups allow you to increase neuromuscular control of the trunk region. A deficit in this region is considered a risk factor that could lead to injury to the lumbar spine.
  • They are important for achieving spinal stability and for preventing and treating low back pain. Therefore, their main goal is to challenge and stimulate the ability of the motor system to stabilize the spinal region.

Finally, it is important to note that push-ups, as well as other exercises that we can perform to strengthen the central area of ​​the body, are suitable for working the structure of the trunk because they have the ability to involve several muscle groups at the same time. Try them and enjoy their virtues!

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