Benefits Of Protein Shakes

Protein shakes have great health benefits. However, you need to know how to choose a quality product to ensure its safety.
Benefits of protein shakes

Protein shakes have a number of health benefits. Despite having a bad reputation in the past, we are still talking about healthy products, generally of high quality. In fact, proteins are obtained from whey nutrients, so they can be used as supplements in a balanced diet.

First of all, it must be emphasized that there are significant differences between the different protein supplements that can be found on the market. Whenever possible, it is recommended to purchase those based on whey isolates, as the concentration of this nutrient will be higher.

Main benefits of protein shakes

In this article, we talk about the main benefits of protein shakes, as well as the various positions taken by science on the subject.

They improve body composition

Proteins are nutrients closely linked to the health of lean mass, as they improve its repair and are primarily responsible for the genesis of new tissues. According to research published in Nutrition Reviews , a high protein intake helps improve body composition.

This occurs through two main mechanisms. Firstly, during the periods of low-calorie diet, there is a greater retention of lean mass and thus catabolism is avoided. If, on the other hand, there is a stimulus of strength and the context is high in calories, muscle hypertrophy is stimulated.

They reduce the risk of developing muscle related diseases

Couple training in the park.

Not only can drinking protein shakes improve body composition, but muscle health as well. There is several evidence confirming that increasing high-quality protein intake significantly reduces the risk of developing sarcopenia in old age. This is indicated by a study published in BioMed Research International.

Sarcopenia is a disease that occurs in the elderly and causes a significant loss of strength and muscle mass. This is limiting and disabling from a functional point of view. The two factors that intervene most in the prevention of this pathology are diet and physical exercise.

They help in the sporting recovery process

Physical exercise causes wear and tear on many tissues of the body, for which a series of mechanisms are put in place that aim to generate adaptations starting from supercompensation.

However, for these processes to take place, there must be a range of nutrients available in the body in adequate quantities. One of the most important are proteins, as they will be responsible for acting on the recovery of lean tissue.

Therefore, drinking protein shakes before or after physical activity can shorten recovery times and improve the efficiency of this process. This has a positive impact and reduces the risk of developing muscle injuries.

How to choose a good protein shake

There are tons of different protein supplements on the market, so doubts may arise as to which option is the best option. The truth is that, in terms of quality-price, it is good to use whey-based products.

Couple drinking a protein shake.

Protein shakes can be healthy if we choose them well. Within those with whey protein, it is convenient to choose the isolates, because their protein content is higher, while the presence of sugars such as lactose is lower. This is not the only important thing.

You must also be careful that they do not have added sugars to improve the flavor, in case they are not neutral. At the same time, it is worth keeping an eye on what kind of sweeteners they contain. It is advisable to avoid products that include aspartame; the best ones are those that contain stevia.

Drinking protein shakes can be healthy

Meeting the protein requirement is essential in the diet. This reduces the risk of developing pathologies related to lean mass in the medium and long term.

However, drinking protein shakes should by no means replace a balanced and varied diet. These are simply a supplement that serves to meet some extra needs generated by physical activity or certain circumstances.

Furthermore, it is essential to know how to choose a good product to maximize its benefits and avoid possible negative effects deriving from any additives.

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