Benefits Of Suspension Training Or TRX

Suspension training, or TRX, is enjoying great success due to its incredible benefits. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about this sport. 
Benefits of suspension training or TRX

On more than one occasion, many sportsmen who frequent the fitness rooms will have seen other companions train with belts equipped with pulleys that allow them to work their body weight. Many of them, however, are unaware that this workout has numerous strengths. In this article we will tell you about all the benefits of suspension training, also known as TRX.

Suspension training, or TRX, is a great exercise, which allows you to work all the muscles in the body. It is different, in fact, from training with tools. It allows you to move through an infinite number of levels and angles, which makes it more beneficial and functional than other workouts.

If you are unfamiliar with suspension training or have never tried it, now is the time to give it a try. The exercises are simple, but rather tiring. Below we present some benefits that you can get from this sport. Take notes!

Benefits of suspension training

1. A multitude of exercises

One of the main benefits of suspension training is that it allows us to do an infinite number of exercises with just one piece of equipment. Furthermore, it is easy to switch between movements that isolate specific muscle groups to others that work the whole body.

2. Benefits of Suspension Training: Develop functional strength

Another benefit of suspension training, or TRX, is the development of functional strength. The latter is considered very important for carrying out daily activities and it is possible to improve it thanks to this discipline as it requires very different movements.

Girl using the benefits of suspension training to train her chest

3. Safe and effective

Since it is possible to limitlessly adapt the positions of one’s body to reduce or increase resistance, this sport is safe and effective for any physical condition a person presents. Its versatility is also a point in its favor in this regard.

Suspension training can be included in strength and aerobics programs. The movements, which are easily modified, make this workout ideal for any sportsman.

4. A hard exercise

Suspension training allows you to deliberately change the center of gravity, which tests all muscles. The TRX, in fact, develops strength through the realization of functional movements and dynamic positions, thus involving almost all the muscles of the human body.

With the TRX, if an exercise is too difficult or easy, you can immediately change the load simply by changing the angle from which you are making the movement.

This makes it clear why in a lesson you can observe a group of people performing the same exercise, but each of them can make the movement more or less hard depending on the angle in which the body is positioned.

5. It is portable

One of the great advantages of suspension training is that it involves the use of portable equipment, i.e. straps, which can adapt to almost any sporting scenario. This means that we can train not only in the gym, but also at home. 

Arm exercises with trx

It is good to remember, in fact, that it is possible to perform this physical exercise practically in any place where there is a door, a wall or a roof. You just need to have somewhere to attach the strap, in fact you won’t need a lot of space to use it.

As if that weren’t enough, all the exercises take advantage of the person’s weight, so you won’t need to use any other tools. Furthermore, as already explained, the movements can quickly go from easy to more difficult simply by adapting the position of the athlete’s foot or changing the angle of the body. You can take it anywhere and use it inside and out!

The benefits of suspension training are numerous, which is why we recommend that you try it. What is more, the amount of exercises we can perform with the straps is practically infinite. Ready to try the TRX?

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