Bodybuilding For Women: Tips And Tricks

The physiology of the female body is designed to have between 24 and 26% muscle mass, unlike men who have 40% muscle mass. While women don’t have nature in their favor, they can undoubtedly increase their muscle capacity through other processes: exercise, nutrition, and weights.
Bodybuilding for women: tips and tricks

Bodybuilding for women is not an easy goal, since their body does not have as high muscle capacity as it does in men.

However, it is not impossible. There are several tips and tricks that can be applied in  bodybuilding for women.

There are many reasons why a woman wants to increase her muscles: to start bodybuilding, to feel firmer, to gain strength… or simply because she wants to. There is a stereotypical view that women shouldn’t have marked muscles. However, many women today demonstrate the opposite, thus affirming the capacity for female desire and power.

For a long time, women were undervalued in many areas of life. Over time they have shown that they are competent enough to do what they want. Bodybuilding is not beyond their reach, however difficult it may be. It is possible to do it, read on!

Bodybuilding for women

Not all women want to lose weight. Some want to  stay fit and in optimal physical condition for their daily performance. 

It is often thought that weight gain is needed to build muscle. Weights certainly play a role in muscle development. However, there are other effective options that can be used in bodybuilding for women.

Bodybuilding for women with weights

For a better understanding, we will divide the options into three segments: training, nutrition and habits. This way, it will be much easier to understand how to incorporate the tips and tricks into the routine.

Work out

  • Train regularly : Muscles do not develop if you train sporadically. You have to be constant to get the development of muscles, ligaments and joints.
  • Do not always do the same exercises : always doing the same exercise just gets used to the muscle fibers. It is necessary to vary the exercises every day to increase the development of the muscles.
  • Lift Weights : Do exercises and weight lifting. It is important to remember that if this is your first time training with weights, make sure they are  light weights. We don’t want to strain our muscles.
  • Do cardio : In addition to strength exercises, it is important to do cardio. In fact, cardio burns the fat surrounding the muscle. Thus, not only does it provide better oxygenation and blood flow, but also  the muscle will be more noticeable as it will not be covered with as much fat.


  • Drink a protein shake before training: take it about an hour before starting your workout.  The amino acids present in proteins stimulate the growth of muscle fibers. You can make the smoothie with protein powder or, a healthier alternative, with natural proteins.
  • Don’t worry too much about carbohydrates: it is believed that to gain muscle you need to consume a lot of carbohydrates. In reality, their consumption is not essential. Carbohydrates are responsible for the production of glucose,  which is then used in the form of energy. Our body can perfectly produce glucose with a normal amount of carbohydrates. So, it’s not about overdoing it. For women we recommend about  190 grams of carbohydrates per day  which can be potatoes, fruit, cereals, among others.
  • Creatine: Creatine is a supplement associated with hard training. In women it usually has positive effects on strength acquisition, which in turn increases muscle size. It also improves stamina and helps burn fat.
Creatine for the muscles


  • Rest: It is essential for  muscle recovery after exercise. Not getting enough rest can also slow down growth.
  • Always hydrate well: Hydration is a very important factor for the muscles. Since, lack of hydration causes muscle cramps which could negatively affect you.
  • Do not train on an empty stomach: under no circumstances should you train on an empty stomach. This will only burn the muscles and not the fat. Furthermore, there is a risk of decompensation during training.

Women are wonderful beings who are able to achieve everything they set out to do. With these tips and tricks, bodybuilding for women will be something simple that will have excellent results. So, having a skeletal structure is no longer an excuse and you can show off firm and strong muscles by practicing these tips and tricks. Courage!

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