Burning Calories: Here Are 6 Useful Exercises

The exercises that allow for greater energy consumption are those most suitable for losing weight. Of course, they must be accompanied by other healthy habits.
Burning calories: here are 6 useful exercises

You may have noticed that you have gained some weight in the past few months, or that the workouts you are doing are not working. Maybe it’s because you haven’t tried the exercises that help you burn more calories so far. Move… and sweat!

What are the exercises to burn calories?

According to the World Health Organization, you need to exercise at least 150 minutes per week to stay healthy. But this is only a theory.

In practice, it is often not known what kind of training to do. The reality is that it all depends on the goal you want to achieve. If you want to lose weight, you need to include calorie-burning exercises in your routine. Here’s what they are:

1. Kettlebell swing

Do you know what the kettlebell is? It is a weight with a handle that is widely used in Crossfit workouts. Swings or lifts with this tool are used to strengthen the abdominal muscles and exercise the glutes, hips and quadriceps. You also increase your metabolism, which burns more calories.

Girl performing kettlebell swing to burn calories.

To do the kettlebell swings, you must stand with your legs hip-width apart. Grab the kettlebell with both hands and extend your arms out in front of your body.

Bend your knees as you bring the dumbbell back – between your legs – and, using the push of your arms, straighten your legs while keeping your arms parallel to the floor, at chest height.

2. Climb the stairs to burn calories

This exercise is very interesting because it can be done at any time of the day, even while you are working. But be careful, because to lose weight you have to go up and down stairs in a conscious way, that is, with the right clothes and shoes and at a certain pace.

Some say that walking up and down stairs for an hour helps burn around 1000 calories… much more than any other cardio or aerobic exercise. In addition, it is an exercise that has benefits for the knee and ankle joints.

3. Burpee

Girl performing burpees to burn calories.

Beloved and hated burpees are another exercise that helps burn more calories. They have become fashionable for a few years and are exercises that involve the whole body. You can do them as part of a cardio workout or on your own, as you prefer.

To do a burpee, you have to do a squat, lower yourself to the ground to take the push, and then jump with your legs straight. It sounds simple enough, but we assure you it is not. Try to do 5 in a row and then tell us!

4. Jump rope

Rope, rope … call it what you want. This is great exercise for cardiovascular health, and more. It is also ideal for coordination and balance.

Girl jumping rope to burn calories.

To jump rope and burn a lot of calories in minutes, you need to keep your back straight, your shoulders relaxed and your eyes always straight ahead. Bend your knees slightly – to cushion the jumps – and keep your arms close to your body – only your wrists should move.

5. Step

A step lesson will help you tone your legs and glutes and, of course, burn calories. You can also buy this machine and train at home, with all kinds of jumps and movements. Put on some good music and good training!

6. Shadowboxing

Boxing is one of the most complete sports in existence. But you don’t need to wear boxing gloves or step into a ring to enjoy its benefits. You can simulate the typical movements of boxers against an imaginary opponent.

This cardio exercise will help you train not only your arms and legs, but also your cardio-respiratory system and, of course, burn fat. Stand on guard position with your strongest leg forward and your arms bent, so that your fists protect your face. Then, alternate blows with your arms outstretched in front of you, while doing small tiptoe hops.

Other exercises to burn calories

To conclude, here are some examples of other exercises that help burn calories: box jumps, rowing, fighting ropes, sprinting on the treadmill, cycling at good speed, and mountain running.

Remember, though, that burning calories and fat is only possible if there is also an energy deficit in the body. This means that you need to expend more energy than you consume, so a healthy and varied diet will be the key to completing the exercises described.

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