Cardio Exercises To Do At Home Without Machines

If you can’t go to the gym and are short on time, we present the best cardio exercises to do at home to keep fit.
Cardio exercises to do at home without machines

You know that physical activity is essential for having a healthy life. Among the various types of training, cardiovascular exercises are very important for losing weight, eliminating fat and promoting blood circulation. And you don’t even have to go to the gym to do them – there are plenty of cardio exercises to do at home.

The benefits of sport are known to all. But you don’t always have the time, the opportunity or the desire to go to the weight room. Some don’t do it simply because they don’t like it. Having cars in the house also has disadvantages: they cost a lot and take up most of the space.

Fortunately, however, to keep fit, all you need to know is which  cardio exercises to do at home . As you will see in this article, in fact, you can easily train at home and get the same benefits of going to the gym. Are you ready to start training?

3 cardio exercises to do at home

1. The exercises of childhood

An old childhood pastime is actually one of the most complete cardio exercises. We are talking about rope jumping. This exercise will allow you to improve physical endurance, coordination and balance. Of course, compared to when you were children, you will have to get your hand back a little …

We remind you that every cardio routine must start gradually. It is advisable to start with a series of 25 jumps and try to progressively reach 100.

Jumping jacks were also a classic in school gymnastics classes. They consist of jumping, opening arms and legs together (photo below). Performing this exercise is not difficult: the ideal is to do four sets of 25 repetitions.

Girl makes a jump with open arms and hands

2. Squats: A great way to do machine-free cardio

The squat is a very complete exercise, as it involves different muscle groups. It also helps strengthen your heart and improve your back posture.

To perform this exercise, you need to separate your legs, with your toes slightly outward and keeping your back as straight as possible. Flex your knees as you slowly come down, until you form a 90 degree angle between your thighs and the floor.

To squat properly, push your hips back as far as possible. Make sure that your knees never go beyond your toes.

The squat is one of the cardio exercises you can do at home like this lady

After each descent, you will have to return to the starting position. We advise you to perform three or four sets of 15 repetitions each, always starting after warming up and doing the exercise gradually, calmly and without going down too much. With practice, you can easily increase the number of repetitions.

3. Burpee

The burpee allows you to do very intense work. This exercise, in addition to being a great way to do cardio at home without machines, will involve different muscle groups.

To perform the burpee correctly, you will need to start standing with your arms extended upward. Then bend down and get into the classic push-up position, with your legs straight and touching the floor with your chest. Extend your arms, bring your legs back to your chest (as in the photo) and recover the initial position.

This is a type of advanced push-up, in which the legs also intervene, which you will have to stretch and draw back to the chest depending on the moment. Since it is a very tiring job, we invite you to do a few sessions, 2 or 3 at the most, each of 10 to 15 repetitions maximum.

Some people do cardio in the gym

Warm-up and stretching: these are essential for avoiding injuries

To avoid possible injuries, it is essential that you warm up well before performing cardio exercises to do at home without machines. This will raise the temperature of the blood, joints and muscles. By reaching a correct temperature, your body will be able to move better, increasing the performance results.

Once the exercise routine is finished, it is also necessary to bring the body back to calm. Thanks to stretching you will be able to loosen up the muscle groups and, if you train more often, this will allow you to respond better to possible fatigue.

Stretching should always be done calmly and you will immediately notice some relief. But be careful: if at the end of the workout you notice severe and constant pain, avoid stretching and consult a doctor. In the case of a muscle tear, in fact, the risk is that you will further increase the injury.

The best time to do these home cardio exercises is in the morning. In the first hours of the day, in fact, the metabolism is faster and you can get more benefits for the body, with the same effort. In any case, you are certainly free to choose and plan at your leisure the physical activity that can and should become a pleasant habit.

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