Cardio Workout To Strengthen The Abdominals

Cycling, treadmills, and aerobic exercises are the ideal combination of cardio exercises to strengthen the abdominals. At the same time, they will help us increase body resistance to routines with fairly long repetitions.
Cardio workout to strengthen your abs

The conditioning of the abdomen is directly proportional to the calories burned. This is an area vulnerable to the accumulation of fat. For this, a cardio workout to strengthen your abs is a great help if you want to keep a fit abdomen.

Cardio workout to strengthen your abs: treadmill

There is no better way to shed extra pounds than by using the largest muscles in our body: the legs. The treadmills allow you to select different speeds and inclines. Doing 20 to 60 minutes on the mat, depending on our fitness and stamina, will help.

Basically, starting any type of training by running is always good. It is, in fact, one of the keys to favoring toning and building a balanced body, always with reference to weight. The essential thing is to create routines that include a warm-up and that have set running times.

Jump the rope

Among other exercises in a cardio workout  to strengthen the abs,  jumping rope will help activate almost any muscle in the body.

Best of all, there are variations you can try to increase the intensity of the exercise. The following routine can ensure a complete workout:

  • With feet together:  this is the basic position in jumping rope. You have to do small hops with your feet together, without forgetting to relax your heels. This position helps to better cushion any contact with the ground; five minutes is more than enough once you have developed the necessary stamina.
Cardio to strengthen the abdominals
  • With only one foot in support:  this second exercise can only be performed once you have become familiar with the rope. The idea is to lean for the jump on one foot, and alternating them. This will help train the strength of each leg individually.
  • Raising the heels:  the level increases by bringing the heels up to the buttocks. In this way, the difficulty is greater because you will have to deal with the lack of balance.

Rowing machine: a useful tool for doing cardio to strengthen the abdominals

Although its main purpose is to train the back, the rowing machine can also involve other parts of the body. Remember that with each push, the core hardens to maintain posture. In this way, you will always be training the abdomen as well.

The idea is not to place a lot of weight, because if that were the case, you would be doing another type of exercise. If we look at it in a broader perspective, the rowing machine implies a contraction similar to that of the abdominal routine. Only by doing a lot of repetitions, however, will it be possible to do some cardio as well.

The bicycle is a great ally

The bicycle is an excellent machine for burning fat and doing cardio to strengthen the abdominals. It can be done in a comfortable and focused way. Hence the success of the spinning sessions, which today also include exercises aimed at training the upper body.

Doing 45 minutes of pedaling can burn up to 500 calories per day. The good news is that the area that is most positively affected by this workout, in addition to the legs and buttocks, are the abdominals.

The habit of taking a bike ride in the park is a good idea, but the static bicycle allows you to increase the strength of the resistance while pedaling. If you lift yourself off the seat a little, you can complete the glute workout.

Some aerobic exercises to burn calories

To burn calories effectively, here are the useful exercises.

  • Boxing or mixed martial arts:  throwing blows and punches with a steady rhythm makes you sweat. The turns and postures will help maintain continuous movement. If you have a punching bag, you can incorporate a good muscle strengthening workout.
Practice boxing to strengthen your abs
  • Push-ups:  in general, this is an exercise that allows several repetitions only when we have trained enough arm and trunk strength. 20 reps per set will be enough to burn more fat.
  • Breaststroke Exercises: Breaststroke  jumps are excellent for losing weight. In general, exercises that involve jumping are always very effective.

Finally, it is necessary to understand what is the maximum percentage of fat that you need to have in order to strengthen the abdominals. For men it is about 10%, for women 18%.

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