Chocolate And Sport: A Winning Combination?

Specialists confirm it: chocolate and sport form a combination that offers excellent results and exceptional performance. However, doses should always be controlled and excesses avoided. 
Chocolate and sport: a winning combination?

Chocolate  is a food rich in high quality vegetable fats. Furthermore, in its natural form it does not contain sugars and provides proteins and mineral salts, essential elements for anyone’s health and vital for sports performance.

Chocolate: tropical flavor

Chocolate  is the main derivative of cocoa, a fruit that is estimated to have originated 5,000 years ago in the Amazon rainforest. There are many brands on the market, which are not always of good quality.

Many of these cocoa derivatives contain high amounts of sugars and other additives. Elements that alone can be quite harmful. Furthermore, they also affect what is good in this food.

Eat chocolate

Benefits in detail

Including chocolate in your diet is good. One of the most effective ways to consume it is with dried fruit, in order to provide the body with much more energy.

On the other hand, cocoa is one of the foods with excellent antioxidant properties. It is rich in vitamin C and fiber, and hence its ability to quench hunger.

Some specialists consider chocolate to be one of the foods that help prevent certain cardiovascular diseases and also improve cognitive abilities and memory functions. This is especially the case in older people or those who show symptoms of senile dementia.

Chocolate and sport, a winning combination

The darker the chocolate bar, the greater the benefits. It is a food that causes the same effects as caffeine: it provides enough energy to increase physical and neurological responses.

Although it has the same effects as caffeine, drinking a cup of coffee does not stimulate the muscular system in the same way as cocoa derivatives.

Melted chocolate

Dark chocolate supplies enough nutrients to the body to withstand the physical tests of greatest impact. Some specialists recommend eating a portion before exercising. The goal is to optimize the work of the tissues and of the whole circulatory system.

On the other hand, cocoa is also an ally against fatigue. In fact, it relieves this sensation thanks to the content of flavonoids, pigments that protect the body from antioxidant agents.

These benefits cause many professional athletes to consume a small amount of chocolate while resting or in the middle of their activities.

Not all chocolate is the same

When we talk about the excellent combination of chocolate and sport, it is not just any type of this popular dessert. We are referring, in fact, only to dark chocolate.

Products that combine cocoa and milk, for example, contain a very high amount of sugar and additives. Not to mention the presence of chemical compounds to give the flavor.

In any case, chocolate is a food that should be consumed in moderation. You shouldn’t eat more than 40 grams per day, as it could lead to overweight in the long run. And that wouldn’t make it a healthy option for athletes.

A well deserved reward after training

After a race or at the end of a tiring training session, the body needs foods to help it recover from physical exertion. 

After all, to successfully perform a demanding session, there are many calories and nutrients that the body must use. Elements that the body must take on again as quickly as possible.

Chocolate not only gives a large amount and variety of components that need to be recovered. It also helps to overcome psychological fatigue after subjecting muscles, bones, joints and even the brain to high levels of stress.

For this reason, perhaps the most important thing is that its flavor brings with it a great feeling of comfort. An unequivocal signal that the objectives set on a physical level have been achieved or exceeded.

To top it off, chocolate is truly a reward after giving it your all. One of the main reasons why it creates a great combination with sport.

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