Cycling To Work, What Are The Benefits?

This is one of the best ways to avoid traffic, get there on time, and get a dose of relaxing exercise throughout the day; let’s see how many are the benefits of going to work by bike. 
Cycling to work, what are the benefits?

Everyone knows that exercise is important for health; however, sometimes due to laziness or lack of time, we put it aside. For this, we try to give you some advice to take advantage of the time and do physical activity. Going to work by bike, for example, is very useful.

People who exercise less are shown to be more likely to develop heart disease or diabetes.

One solution, therefore, is to take advantage of the time available and go to work by bike or on foot; often, however, we look for excuses not to do so. In this article we will look at some of the most common.

Bike ride

Excuses for not cycling to work

  • The children. This is not a great excuse, and if your partner cannot accompany them to school, then you could get them into the habit of riding a bike too, and if they are still too young to carry it on their own, there are hooks to do so. whether you are pulling them.
  • “What if my bike is stolen?”… This excuse doesn’t make much sense either, since you can safely put a chain on the bike and always choose different places to park it. In addition, there are many supervised parking lots or in very busy areas.
  • But I live far away “. This is also no excuse, in fact, it should provide you with the perfect way to combine public transport and exercise. If the journey is long, you can cycle to a metro or bus stop and go to work like that.
  • “It’s dangerous”. For this, the solution is to follow all the safety rules, putting on a helmet and a jacket to make yourself visible. Also,  try to choose the route with less traffic  and, if possible, always stay in the bicycle lane.
  • “In winter it’s too cold, in summer it’s too hot”. To solve this problem, in winter it will be enough to cover up well and you will warm up pedaling at a good pace, while in summer it will be necessary to use fresh clothes, without running too much and always bringing a deodorant, towels and a spare T-shirt.
Go cycling

Advantages of cycling to work

  1. Exercise. It’s a great way to turn physical activity into a habit. Additionally, exercise has been shown to improve defenses and make you feel healthier and more energized.
  2. Less waste. The economic savings are considerable. Leaving the car at home leads to significant fuel savings, as well as maintenance, including overhauls, oil changes, tires and breakdowns …
  3. Less pollution. The bicycle is a sustainable means of transport. Its carbon dioxide emissions are zero, and it is a silent medium. There is no comparison with driving and being stuck in traffic for an hour.
  4. Improve your mood. Going to work by bicycle, traffic, horns, traffic lights and parking spaces become secondary and replaced by a quiet and peaceful stroll. And from this comes an incredible energy and good mood. On your return, however, you can disconnect from work and relax again.
  5. It allows you to be in contact with nature.  The cycle paths are close to trees or parks, so you can walk in the greenery and enjoy the landscape. Also, if you ride your bike all year round, you will see the trees, leaves and colors change and the flowers bloom …

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