David Goffin, A Very Complete Tennis Player

Among the best European tennis players today there is definitely David Goffin. With extraordinary lifted, impregnable strokes, it is among the best in the world.
David Goffin, a very complete tennis player

David Goffin is a Belgian professional tennis player, born on 7 December 1990 in the city of Liège. He is currently 22nd in the ATP rankings, having been number 7 in the world for quite some time.

Gifted with a tall and lean physique (180 cm for 70 kg of weight), David Goffin has worked hard physically to be able to establish himself internationally, in an age of tennis in which strength and speed are two remarkable constants. Today we will introduce you to this extraordinary athlete, born in 1990 and who can still say a lot in the ATP circuit.

David Goffin’s style of play

David Goffin is an intelligent, shrewd tennis player who loves to play from the baseline. Dominating this type of game allows him to make his opponent move from side to side, thanks to the accelerations produced by his powerful drive .

By doing so, the Belgian creates the optimal conditions to overtake his opponents, mainly on fast clay terrains. Three of his four titles as a professional have been won on precisely this type of hard tracks.

Goffin possesses typical characteristics of the modern tennis player, physically powerful and is endowed with considerable resistance. He is often compared to Rafael Nadal or David Ferrer, since he bases his points on the counterattack and always struggles to reach all the balls, without giving anything for loss.

Compared to his two Spanish colleagues, however, he offers fewer clues to rivals and this makes him a very unpredictable player. He loves to attack the opponent when he is on the ropes and has the ability to maintain the intensity of the game for a long time.

gameplay by David Goffin

The lift ball, his favorite shot

While not having an overly powerful serve, Goffin often uses one of the basic techniques of tennis. It serves in a very angled way, making the opponent move a lot so as to catch him against time, with extreme precision.

If the plan goes up in smoke, sometimes Goffin hits a muffled backhand, with the aim of bringing the other player to the net and burning him with a powerful passer-by. The lift ball is his best shot. A strategy that, in words, seems very simple but that does not always work, even for the skill of those in front of you.

The Belgian always tends to hit the ball with a topspin effect, and is obliged to always hold the racket with the continental grip . This helps him to give different effects to the ball, as well as allowing him to vary the directions of his shots without any problem, making his backhand very peculiar.

David Goffin is not a tennis player with a definite shot, as Roger Federer could be with his broken backhand or Juan Martin del Potro with his powerful forehand. The Belgian, on the other hand, stands out for being a very complete player, with a great repertoire of shots.

Despite being a great player, he too has a weakness : the backhand shot. Goffin always tends to look for deadly trajectories and this leads him to impart a non-decisive force. An element that, in many cases, makes his play ineffective.

David Goffin

Winning mentality, David Goffin’s extra weapon

David Goffin’s strength is his mentality. This player always shows a lot of concentration and absolute coolness. Not only during the match, but also before and after: a quality that allows him to analyze both wins and losses.

This aspect allowed him, for example, to work much more on his body, becoming a much more rocky and powerful athlete, compared to when he started in 2009. Very soon he realized that in today’s tennis, it takes a lot of muscles to be able to compete well. level. And, cleverly, he changed his diet and weight card.

In addition to being a virtuoso of the racket, he develops very clear and thoughtful tactics based on the opponent in front of him. As we said, Goffin analyzes his opponents very well and never plays the same game. The Belgian makes himself unpredictable with, in addition, the ability to read the other tennis player’s game.

As you have seen, David Goffin is probably not one of the flashiest and most eye-catching players on the ATP circuit. But it has already proven that it can be in the top 10 in the world. Furthermore, his young age (he is just 29 years old) still allows him to improve and grow, both physically and technically.

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