Did You Know We Have Muscle Memory?

Do you know that there is a muscle memory? This is the memory that muscles have acquired from past activities, including sports. That’s why a person who has played sports in the past takes less time to get in shape after a break from training.
Did you know we have muscle memory?

Have they ever told you about muscle memory ? Do you want to know if this statement is true?

When someone stops exercising, even for a long time, and goes back to their training routine, the muscles regain their shape quickly and visibly.

If you’ve stopped going to the gym and don’t plan to go back, knowing that there is a muscle memory will give you the motivation to change your mind. Training will be much easier. In this article we will talk about just that.

Why do we talk about muscle memory?

The rapid adaptation of muscles when returning to training is one of the main reasons we are all said to have muscle memory. And it has been shown that it is much easier to develop a muscle that has already been trained, albeit a long time ago, than it is to develop one that has always been sedentary. And all this is possible thanks to muscle memory.

muscle memory

A study conducted at the University of Oslo explains that the effort that the muscle made has been memorized, as is the case with the DNA that is stored in a nucleus. It is as if the muscles have cores in which to store information.

In reality , muscle fibers are made up of cells that have some nuclei, each capable of storing a lot of information, such as the exercises that have been done before and the reaction that the muscles have had. As a result, I am able to copy these reactions and all of this more quickly.

In addition, training promotes the appearance of new muscle fibers that increase with exercise. No matter how long we have stopped exercising, these fibers will not go away. Therefore, even if 20 years have passed, when you get back to exercising, your muscles will regain their volume.

This is why muscles are said to have a memory of their own. Although in reality it can be said that it is rather a preservation of the fibers.

What if you stop exercising?

Of course, this does not mean that if we stop exercising the muscles will remain in the same shape for a long time. it is only when we exercise them that muscle fibers will increase in value and texture. 

This is why volume is created in our body, but when we stop exercising, these new fibers atrophy and lose their thickness. We are not talking about not training for two or three months, but more time, because as it costs you to gain muscle, it also takes time to lose it. Don’t be afraid to take a month off from training, on the contrary, you should.

Girl training

So, muscles have a memory like when you learned to ride a bike as a child, even if you are an adult you haven’t forgotten to ride even if you haven’t done it for years.

Why you have to train your muscles

It is well known that boys and girls go to gyms only to have a muscular body. This is as respectable as any other motivation. But the sure thing is that training your muscles goes far beyond just a physical change.

The trained muscles are like an organ, which will act as the body’s pistons, processing energy through fats and carbohydrates. In this way they act as metabolizers and help against diabetes, blood clotting and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

While not everyone has the time to hit the gym, there are many things you can do to exercise your muscles. Do you want your muscles to develop a memory? Well, start training them today.

Girl who is running
  • Download an exercise application. There are hundreds of mobile applications on the internet that will suggest training plans that you can do at home in just 10 minutes. You will get good long-term results.
  • Forget the elevator or the car. Go up the stairs and walk. Surely you will have 10 minutes a day available to do this.
  • If you spend a lot of time sitting during work, get up every two hours and move your legs, even if you do it on the spot without going anywhere.
  • Dance, jump and run. Surely there will be activities that you enjoy and that allow you to exercise your muscles. Do it whenever you get the chance.

Do not doubt that any effort you make to exercise will give you good results, because even if you go years without doing anything, your muscles have a memory.


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