Diet: 5 Ways To Reduce Calories

Reducing your calorie intake while dieting doesn’t necessarily mean starving! With some guidelines and good habits, we can cut down on the calories from our meals and lose weight easily. 
Diet: 5 ways to cut calories

We are sure that just thinking about how to reduce the calories in your diet will make you hungry. Diet is associated with hunger, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to reduce calorie intake and lead a healthy life while maintaining a sense of satiety.

Do you want to know how to reduce the calories in your diet? We will explain it to you in this article! 

What are calories and how to manage them in the diet?

To decrease the amount of calories it is necessary to take into account the quality of the food consumed. It is essential to maintain a correct nutritional intake in order not to weaken the body. A reduction in calories, if not accompanied by a conscious diet, will only result in hunger and malaise.

In general, adult men and women need approximately 2,000 / 2,500 calories per day, respectively. Taking these parameters into account it is easier to establish how to reduce calories; these figures may vary according to age and type of activity practiced.

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5 Ways To Reduce Calories In Your Diet

  • Set clear nutritional goals. Opting for a diet with a predominance of fiber would be the ideal choice. Foods rich in soluble fiber are able to absorb more water than their own volume, swelling in the stomach and producing a long-lasting feeling of satiety.
  • Pay attention to breakfast. Some foods have a high calorie content and a low nutritional intake; it is necessary to replace them with others that are more balanced and useful to support the diet. You don’t have to give up on taste; an appetizing breakfast is essential to start the day well. We can choose cheeses, cereals or dried fruit.
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  • A glass of water before eating. Simple as it sounds; the water will produce a pleasant and relaxing sense of satiety. This way we will get good hydration and avoid anxious eating.
  • Eliminate refined sugar. It seems impossible, but it isn’t. Do it progressively: sugary drinks, light ones and packaged fruit juices will be the first to be eliminated. Natural sweeteners and wholemeal flour are valid allies in this case.
  • Dine on vegetables. There is no need to give up your favorite dish, just give up half of it. You can accompany the other half with various vegetables. For example, squash, onion, tomato and peppers are great with a slice of cheese on top.
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General considerations on how to reduce calories in the diet

An adequate and balanced diet will provide  the amount of fat your body needs. This equates to 35% of what the body consumes in daily calories. This percentage should always be made up of the ‘good fats’: oily fish, the fruit dry and oils, provide us with energy and good health.

Eating four servings of fruit and vegetables a day will lower your cholesterol levels. Other allies of our diet are proteins. These macro-nutrients are also useful in avoiding hunger pangs between meals.

Remember, when it comes to diet, never fall into the trap of light foods. Even if the ideal is to carry on the diet naturally, it is always necessary to pay attention to hidden fats. Sauces, cookies, and other foods that seem harmless can ruin a day of meticulous eating.

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A meticulous control of the daily intake of fats will lead us to lighten our dishes. If we let the dish cool, the fat will float on the surface and can be removed easily. Another cooking trick is to use non-stick pans, opt for steaming, or use the wok. Furthermore, the use of a spray oil will allow us to adjust the maximum amount used during cooking.

Finally, exercise is the best tool for keeping fit and losing weight. Nothing will help us reduce and burn calories like a half hour walk, a bike ride or a healthy yoga session.

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