Do Plank And You Will Love Your Abs

The plank is one of the best exercises you can do to have a strong and defined abdomen. There are several variations that will allow you to gradually increase the intensity of training. An important aspect is that you can define your abs without leaving home
Do plank and you will love your abs

It is generally difficult to train the abdomen area, but there are many ways to do it quickly. We can say that the various plank exercises are the most effective, even if they are often a bit boring. We encourage you to do these exercises at home to achieve a defined abdomen.

We assume that the entire abdominal area is the one that supports and gives balance to the rest of the body. By strengthening the abdominal muscles we will strengthen the lumbar area of ​​the back. This will prevent us from having back problems over the years.

The plank at home – a great deal for your health

There are no tricks or deceptions when it comes to planking. It’s very simple, you have to do a routine that goes from 5 to 10 minutes a day. We remind you that doing plank is the basis of a good exercise routine. If you go for a run or jog it is important to supplement these activities with abdominal exercises.

outdoor plank

Doing plank at home exercises the various muscles of the torso. For this, it is important to know some of the many variations of this exercise. You can get good results even with the basic exercise.

Where to start to do plank exercises at home

As in life, if we are to achieve the desired results, everything we do must have a goal. Setting yourself a goal is more important than achieving it. As the saying goes: “Utopia is never reached, but it serves to move forward”. This is the kind of attitude you should have when doing plank exercises at home.

This way, with strong motivation, you can start exercising for 5 minutes a day. If you want, you can do two sessions of 2 or 3 minutes each. It is proven that by doing this type of exercise for 30 days you will get great results. It’s not impossible, just try!

Why do the plank at home?

The plank workout does not require the use of tools and is easy to do. You can train whenever you want, at any time of the day and in the room of the house that you find most comfortable.

By doing plank a few minutes a day you will notice improvements in the stabilization of the pelvis and spine. You will also correct your posture. In addition, other parts of the body will also benefit from this exercise, such as the back, chest, thighs and biceps.

Strengthening the abdominal area will increase your self-esteem and the energy of the body will flow more harmoniously. This is another positive aspect to consider before starting your workouts.

suspended plank

You can use TRX bands to improve abdominal plank exercises.

How to do an abdominal plank flawlessly

  1. Lie straight on the floor trying to stretch your back as much as possible without arching it in the lower part.
  2. Hands and elbows should be aligned with the shoulders.
  3. Keep your gaze fixed looking slightly downwards, so as not to arch the cervical area.
  4. Combine movement with breathing. It is through this combination that the muscles are activated.
  5. Tighten the muscles of the body adjacent to the abdomen: the glutes and quadriceps. The tension must come from the feet.

Important: if you feel that you cannot hold the starting position, it means that you have to stop, pause for a few seconds and start over. At the end of the exercise, do some stretching to tone the muscles.

Bottom line: Doing the plank exercises at home is all a matter of willpower. If you start, do it with determination and start with 5 minutes a day. When you get the desired results you will realize how easy and fast your “path” has been.

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