Do You Burn More Calories By Doing Cardio Or Weight Training?

It is one of the most common doubts when we want to burn as many calories as possible. It is generally thought that cardio exercises are the best practice to achieve this goal, but there are also those who say that we can do better with weights. Let’s see together which is the best choice
Do you burn more calories by doing cardio or weights?

There are many theories as to which exercise is the best for burning calories and losing weight. Many of them are completely contradictory and even in gyms there is confusion as to which is the best workout. What to choose: cardio or weights?

Some argue that cardiovascular exercises are the only ones that really help you lose weight. Others say that weights, like other anaerobic exercises, are the best choice. The truth is, the answer isn’t that simple. Before choosing the right business for us it is important to consider several factors.

Cardio vs Weights: What Do These Activities Give Us?

Cardio or aerobic exercises are a good choice if your goal is to burn calories. The most common are continuous running and training series. These types of activities help burn fat at the precise moment they are practiced.

cardio vs weights

Doing cardio with moderate intensity and for long periods will burn a higher percentage of fat and less glycogen. The benefits for our body will be evident.

However, doing this type of activity consistently can prove to be a problem. People in good physical condition will need more intense and longer cardiovascular activity to burn the same amount of calories as when they started exercising.

Weights, on the other hand, are an anaerobic activity. In this type of exercise, the body uses glycogen as an energy source. The reserves of this substance are found in the liver and muscles. It is the first available energy, but it is consumed quickly.

Weight training helps maintain basal metabolic rate. This results in a greater expenditure of calories, because when the metabolism rises more fat is burned. Practicing exercises with weights allows you to burn calories during and after training. The effects will therefore be more lasting.

Benefits of cardio and weight exercises

Both activities are undoubtedly very useful for the body and not just for burning calories. Cardiovascular exercise improves the overall health of the heart, circulation, blood, and lung capacity. It also promotes the production of endorphins which help reduce stress.

exercise with weights

In turn, weight training can help you improve strength, endurance and muscle volume. We remind you that practicing this activity does not necessarily mean becoming a hyper-muscular person.

Exercising with weights also helps protect joints, recover damage from injury, and increase muscle strength. It also helps to decrease the glucose level in diabetics and to reduce pain in people suffering from osteoarthritis.

Burn calories after exercise

Weight training causes the body to continue burning calories for several hours even after exercising. This occurs due to the huge amount of oxygen that the body needs to repair the muscles used during exercise.

The amount of muscle is an important factor in calculating calorie intake. The more muscle a person has, the more calories the body will need even in resting situations.

Combine the two types of activities

There is no way to determine which activity burns the most calories. A good solution would be to combine the two types of exercises.

Everything will depend on what you are looking for, your preferences, your physical condition and the time you have available.

A great choice would be to start the weight lifting routine and finish it off with cardio exercises. In this way glucose will be used as the main source of energy and, when it drops, you can continue with cardiovascular exercises.

The combination of the two types of exercises, associated with a balanced diet, is the best choice for burning calories in a constant and lasting way.

Whether you choose to do cardio exercises, weight lifting or a combination of the two, motivation will always be the determining factor in the success of your goals.

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