Do You Know The “real Food ” Movement?

Born as a viral phenomenon on social networks, the real food movement promotes the consumption of unprocessed natural foods. Let’s see what it is
Are you familiar with the "real food" movement?

If you have never heard of the real food movement, in this article we will explain what it is and what its objectives are. It is one of the latest trends in food health and is gaining more and more followers, all over the world. Mainly, thanks to the success achieved on social networks such as Instagram or Twitter.

The real food movement  was born to offer people a healthy and alternative way to eat. Since it is based on a thoughtful choice of what to eat and what to avoid, it can also be a good way to lose weight. But let’s see, in detail, what it is.

What is the real food movement?

The main goal of the real food movement is to teach people to eat in the healthiest way possible. To achieve this noble goal, the original “real food” diet is based on the consumption of natural foods without any transformation process.

People who follow this diet eat natural foods collected directly from nature and which have not been modified in any way. For real food followers, this is the healthiest way to nourish the human body and prevent disease.

Fruits and vegetables included in the real food movement

The real food movement wants to resist the predominant diet of the 21st century and return to eating as in the past, in which the concept of fast food did not exist.

What are “real food” foods?

The real food movement is based on the radical choice of certain foods, to the detriment of those considered “non-real”. The “real” foods that are allowed are completely natural ones. Like fruit, legumes, meat and fish. However, there is a limited type of processed foods that can be consumed, in moderation, within this diet. The doctrine of real food allows the consumption of all those foods that are cut, peeled and frozen or canned.

All other types of food remain outside this diet. First of all, processed foods and especially ultra-processed ones. Therefore, all processed, pre-cooked and unhealthy products are absolutely prohibited.

Why should we avoid processed foods?

The main hallmark of real food, as you have seen, is the refusal of processed food. Only a food that has been produced in a healthy way and that keeps its properties intact, can be admitted in this particular diet. The permitted processed foods are those that are sold peeled, chopped or frozen, as long as they are always natural.

Girl with tomato in hand

This rejection of processed food products is due to the fact that when these substances are processed, many nutrients are lost, being replaced by others that are often very harmful to the body. Just observe what happens to the meat when it becomes a hamburger. During processing, it loses some of its nutritional properties, to the benefit of a greater quantity of fats and sugars.

This increase in unhealthy ingredients is much more radical when considering industrially produced foods. The real food movement also seeks to raise awareness of the harmful effects of daily and excessive consumption of these foods.

People believe it is normal to eat at fast food restaurants and fill the fridge with processed foods. The movement tries to change these bad habits by offering people a healthy and natural alternative that will help them realize how important it is to prefer healthy, unprocessed foods.

Is the real food movement successful?

The first thing that needs to be clarified is that following the real food movement doesn’t just mean going on a diet. We are talking about a healthy lifestyle that goes beyond food, since it also cares about sustainability and respect for the environment.

In a society where ultra-processed foods, fast food and miracle diets reign, it’s certainly  good news to know that many people are choosing a healthier, more natural alternative.

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