Exercises At Home: Complete Guide + 2 Exclusive Routines

Let’s get to know a complete guide to do some exercises at home using only your body weight. It will save you time and you can train whenever you want.
Exercises at home: complete guide + 2 exclusive routines

For some people, performing an exercise routine at home is utopian. However, with a few simple tips and a basic guide, you can safely train at home. The use of dumbbells or other specific tools is optional. The important thing is to find the time, the right place and a great desire to train.

Workouts at home using body weight

Some of the benefits of training using your own body weight are the ease of switching between exercises and the ease of managing time between sets. Routines that do not use specific devices or equipment have been shown to promote blood pumping and, at the same time, build muscle and endurance.

girl does yoga at home

Using your body weight to perform the exercises strengthens the entire “base area”: ​​it is an area that includes 29 muscles, including the abdominals. The routines use a combination of movements, speed and variations that are so large that all affected muscles are trained.

The use of equipment and accessories according to the work areas

Before starting a home workout using only your body weight, you need to use some warm-up gear. Two main areas are identified: cardiovascular and muscle training.

As for the cardiovascular area, before starting training it is necessary to increase the heart rate. The stationary bike, the treadmill and the elliptical bike are the three most used machines to regulate blood pressure and prepare the body for a sequence of exercises.

As for muscle training and toning, the tools are much more numerous. You can use dumbbells, kettlebells , mats, fitballs , bosu , rubber bands , foam rollers and many other tools that allow you to train each muscle in depth.

Two home exercise routines

Routine 1

Star jump

  • Prepare for the jump with your legs bent and your arms at the sides of your body.
  • Jump by lifting your feet off the floor and raising your arms to create a star shape.
  • Descend back to the starting position.
  • Repeat the movement three times.
girl performs jump at home

Leg movement (4 to 8 kg weights can be used)

  • Stand up straight with your body straight. Bring your left leg to the side and bend your right knee 90 degrees.
  • Place your hands next to your right foot and support the weight with your thigh.
  • Stand up and repeat the movement with the other leg.
  • Perform 8 movements with each leg until you reach three sets in three weeks.


  • Stand upright with your legs shoulder-width apart.
  • Lower your hips by bending your knees, but without moving your feet.
  • You can raise and lower your arms forward or sideways (with or without weights).
  • At first, you can use a fitball as a support.
girl does squats at home

Routine 2

Bicycle with ball or fitball

  • Lie on the ground on your back and put your heels on the ball. The arms should be placed on the ground on the sides of the body to support you.
  • Bend and straighten your knees so that the ball moves towards and away from your body.
  • Keep the upper body straight and in suspension.
  • Repeat the movement ten times.
woman trains with the ball

Step-ups (you can use arm weights)

  • You can use a step or a kick.
  • Start by climbing the step. Now, bend one leg forward at 90 degrees and step off the step with the other.
  • Go back and repeat the exercise with the other leg.
  • Do twelve repetitions on each leg. Add one series per week until you reach three series.
woman does lunges on step

Pushups ( Push up )

  • Lie face down with your toes and palms firmly placed on the ground.
  • Extend your arms while supporting yourself with your toes and hands. The torso must remain straight and tilted to the ground. Bend your arms and come up again.
  • Do twelve repetitions. Add one series per week until you reach three consecutive series.
a girl does push-ups at home

You can perform these routines alone or in company. You have no excuse for lack of equipment or no time to go to the gym.

One piece of advice we want to give you is to try to train for twenty minutes three times in the seventh instead of straining a lot in the first week and giving up in the second. As with all routines, training gradually allows you to have continuity over time.

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