Fitness Goals: The Secrets To Achieving Them

On many occasions, maintaining the results achieved is more difficult than achieving them. Going back can be a hard blow that does not allow us to try again with the same conviction.
Fitness goals: the secrets to achieving them

Like any life plan, achieving fitness goals must be based on a specific training program. We need to set short, medium and long-term goals and follow a very specific method.

Nothing should be left to chance. All variables and solutions to possible problems should be considered.

Achieving optimal physical condition requires perseverance and determination. It is not just about reaching the goal and stopping, like when you climb a mountain and there is nothing more to do.

Setting goals in fitness

It might seem strange to you, but achieving goals in fitness is like carrying out a business project. The first questions you have to answer are: “Where do I want to go?” and why?”.

A very common goal is to want a toned body. To be able to reach this milestone, a series of small steps must be followed. It is advisable to create micro-objectives that allow you to gradually obtain the final prize.

a good personal trainer helps in fitness goals

Be realistic

Every little goal must be achievable and verifiable. The most important thing is that the goals are realistic. Having too ambitious projects is the first step in not reaching any goal.

For example, an unreal project is to want to lose ten pounds in a week. A more realistic plan is to plan to lose between one and two pounds every seven days. It is an easy goal, concrete and verifiable in a short time.

The secrets to achieving fitness goals

  • Proper hydration: There are no routines that can be performed if the body does not have enough fluids. You must considerably reduce your intake of carbonated, sugary or alcoholic beverages and prefer the consumption of water. There is nothing better than water to quench your thirst.
  • Plan your meals: Before going to the supermarket, you need to know what foods are needed to follow a balanced diet. It is important to design a menu (weekly, biweekly or monthly) that contains all the foods necessary for proper nutrition.
  • Workout and Fun: All fitness goals require sacrifices, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. In order for the exercises to have a positive outcome and the possibility of abandoning training is reduced, you must practice a sport that, in addition to physical well-being, will entertain you and give you satisfaction.
  • Every now and then, you can indulge in a few extra rules and eat whatever you want. It is as important as exercising regularly.
  • There is no effective training program that excludes moments of rest. You must include days off to allow for adequate muscle recovery and sleep at least seven hours each night.
perseverance in achieving fitness goals

Patience to achieve goals. Discipline and perseverance to keep them

Achieving optimal physical condition is a long-term goal. We could compare it to a marathon rather than a speed race like 100 meters. Indeed, it is just a marathon full of obstacles.

During the journey, unexpected events may occur that will make the challenge even more difficult. There will be situations that you cannot avoid. For example, a simple cold can force you to stop training for several days, or parties that you absolutely cannot miss.

When these events occur it is good to have “contingency plans” to make up for lost time.

Unlike a marathon, fitness goals do not end after 42 kilometers. When you have reached the finish line, the most difficult job begins: maintaining the results achieved over time. It’s a real life project, don’t forget it!

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