Five Fruit-based Breakfasts For Sportsmen

The correct formula for this type of breakfast will always contain cereals, milk and fruit to facilitate a regulatory function, and the choice of fruit is also important, as not all of them offer the same amount of vitamins and minerals
Five fruit-based breakfasts for athletes

The first meal of the day is important for an athlete, but it must be well controlled, among other things it must provide energy resources and at the same time it must be easy to digest. For this, there is a range of fruit-based breakfasts.

In this article we reveal five fruit-based breakfasts for athletes.

Energy breakfast with banana

The main thing about this dish is that it provides us with the energy load necessary for training. A banana, an orange juice and some dried fruit will provide the dose of potassium and magnesium needed to activate us. An example of dried fruit would be a handful of raisins and five nuts.

One of the fruit and nut-based breakfasts

It is also important to accompany this nutritious breakfast with a dose of cereals and dairy products. For this you need to add a glass of milk and three rusks with butter and jam or half a cup of cereal. If we want to switch dairy products, we can eat natural yogurt.

This diet can also be followed by vegan athletes. The best alternative to replace animal milk is with soy milk. The latter is very energetic and performs the function of supplying us with proteins and calcium.

A breakfast with ham

In Italy, one of the most recommended breakfasts for athletes is the one with ham. To prepare it, we need more or less one or two slices of ham, bread and olive oil.

Ham breakfast

Ham is an excellent ingredient that will allow us to ingest proteins in a small portion, with little fat and an exquisite flavor. To start the day with a healthy touch, we can add a tomato or two slices to the bread.

In addition to olive oil and tomato, it will be necessary to supplement with other fruits. We can repeat with orange juice and add a whole fruit, which can be an apple, a grapefruit, a pear, etc.

Morning diet for weight loss

But if what we are looking for is to lose pounds, a good idea  will be to accompany the slice of wholemeal bread with a slice of smoked salmon.In  this diet routine, another excellent option is to accompany breakfast with a cup of green tea. .

Instead of milk, we will mainly opt for natural yogurt accompanied by honey. The juice will once again be orange, although it can be alternated with strawberries and other fruits rich in potassium.

And to continue with the goal of losing weight, you can choose apple or kiwi. This fruit is also one of the richest foods in vitamin C. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water during exercise.

Fruit-based breakfasts for sportsmen: the fitness plate

Smoothies and breakfast are an excellent combination for athletes. In this sense, fruits and vegetables occupy a transcendental position for nutrition in the pre-workout.

There are many ideas for making smoothies, according to your preferences and nutritional needs. For example,  to get a good dose of energy there is the classic “3 in 1” juice that contains orange, beetroot and carrot.

But if what we want is to purify our body, we can make a cucumber and pineapple smoothie.

A fruit salad

The smoothie is not the only alternative, although it aids the digestive process before training and competition. If we want to modify the morning diet a little and continue with a healthy touch, we can prepare a fruit and vegetable salad. The positive thing about this food is that it leaves us feeling full.

Vegetable and fruit salad

Of course, everything will depend on the fruits we choose. If we eat fruit with a high calorie content, it is advisable to control the amount of juice we consume.

We must not forget that fruit is a complement and a regulator, ideal to be consumed on an empty stomach. The fact that you abound in a meal shouldn’t lead to the elimination of dairy products and grains. 

These two types of ingredients, cereals and milk, will provide us with the energy potential essential for physical activity and important performance. They are very good options when it comes to fruit-based breakfasts for sportsmen.



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