Four Alternatives To Soft Drinks You Need To Know

Soft and alcoholic drinks often contain a lot of sugar or other unhealthy substances. Here are some alternatives to healthy and good drinks.
Four soda alternatives you need to know

The consumption of industrial soft drinks has been classified as harmful to health. Numerous studies have revealed that there is a direct relationship between these sugary drinks and obesity, mainly among children and adolescents. This is why it is therefore necessary to find alternatives to soft drinks.

Consumption of these drinks has also been directly related to diabetes and some cardiovascular diseases. Although all of this information is known, there are many people who cannot stop consuming sugary drinks on a regular basis. In many cases, unfortunately, it is a real addiction. In this article we have decided to tell you about what should be the main  alternatives to soft drinks .


Among the soda alternatives, this is definitely the best option. Water should always be at the top of the list of liquids a person ingests on a daily basis. Doctors recommend drinking six to eight glasses of water every day. This amount can vary according to the activity performed, the temperature, etc.

Donna drinks tap water, one of the alternatives to soft drinks

Water contains no fat, no carbohydrates, no sugar or calories. So it’s a great ally when it comes to losing weight. It will allow you to maintain adequate hydration and fight fatigue and lack of energy.

Adequate water consumption helps prevent heart complications and prevents headaches, problems usually caused by dehydration. Water removes the danger of constipation and improves digestion. It also helps to have smooth and glowing skin; cleanses the body by removing toxins and waste products from the body.

However, many people don’t like the taste of plain water and, on the contrary, find it unappetizing, boring. The good news is that, besides water, there are many other soda alternatives that are worth knowing.

Tea and infusions

Teas and infusions are a great option for reducing soft drink consumption. They can be sipped cold or hot, you can choose from a large variety of flavors and are sugar-free. Some also contain theine, which can replace the caffeine that is often found in soft drinks.

A cup with lemon infusion

There are many types of tea, each with different properties and health benefits. The main ones are black tea, green tea, red tea, yellow tea, masala chai tea and white tea.

Green tea is one of the most consumed, due to its many benefits. Unlike others, this tea does not undergo any kind of oxidation in its treatment. This allows it to keep your properties intact. In addition to being a complete antioxidant, it is a natural tranquilizer and works perfectly both as a slimming and as an energizer. It is known for its benefits in preventing and treating cancer.

As for infusions, they can be prepared using the flowers, leaves, roots, bark or seeds of a large variety of plants. You can really enjoy experimenting until you find your favorite aromas.

Being natural, sugar-free and very beneficial to health, infusions are one of the best alternatives to soft drinks. Most of them are prepared using medicinal plants. The most common are: chamomile, mint, valerian and so on.

Mint or spearmint lemonade

This is also one of the most interesting alternatives to soft drinks. Lemonade is very refreshing, ideal for hot days. It can be easily prepared and you can try it as a natural drink to accompany meals or simply to cool off during the summer.

Girl with orange on eye

To make the lemonade you can use one or two lemons, a couple of sprigs of peppermint or spearmint, some natural sweetener, such as stevia (optional). In addition, you will need half a liter of water and ice. Normal water can be replaced by carbonated water. This will add a special touch to your lemonade and will have the same texture as sugary drinks that should be avoided.

Peel the lemons and put them in the blender, along with the natural sweetener, water and ice cubes. Once this is done, pour the liquid into a jug with more ice. Add the sprigs of mint and a few slices of lemon to decorate your freshly made lemonade.

The smoothies

The last of the alternatives to soft drinks is represented by smoothies. They are refreshing, they taste great and they are absolutely natural. You can easily prepare them using fruit or vegetables, using various blends and recipes, depending on your tastes. They will offer you a high intake of vitamins and fibers, ensuring proper body hydration.

Sporty woman prepares fruit smoothie

To make a smoothie you will only need water, fruit or vegetables (they can also be frozen) and a lot of ice. A delicious combination is the recipe called “red forest”. To prepare it you need carrots, oranges and beets. This natural cocktail is rich in vitamins and is very beneficial for the skin.

Why choose alternatives to soft drinks

As you have seen, there are really many alternatives to industrial drinks that must be absolutely avoided. Drinking water, tea, infusions, lemonades and smoothies will allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition to having better health, you will avoid accumulating fat and you will also save a few euros.

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