Fruits And Vegetables To Cook At Christmas To Make A Great Impression

At Christmas there is no reason to overdo the courses. We can also choose healthy ingredients, such as fruit and vegetables, and still get original and fun recipes, for dishes decorated with Christmas motifs.
Fruits and vegetables to cook at Christmas to make a great impression

When we plan the holiday menus, the protagonists are always fish, meat and seafood. This means that after the Christmas period we find ourselves with a few extra pounds and with the typical feeling of heaviness in the stomach. And then what if there are vegetarians at the table? In this post we will show you which fruit and vegetables to cook at Christmas to make a great impression even with vegetarian dishes.

Below, we explain which fruits and vegetables to cook at Christmas and how to prepare them so that they stand out at the table like a meat dish or a seafood dish.

Read on to discover succulent dishes that you can make with fruits and vegetables while you take care of your figure.

Fruits and vegetables to cook at Christmas for the little ones

We all know how much children love Christmas sweets. The holidays begin and they spend several days eating nougat, candies, sweets and other sweets typical of the period. And getting him to eat fruit and vegetables becomes even more difficult.

Christmas fruit and vegetables

To break the routine and at the same time continue to enjoy Christmas, we propose you to elaborate dishes with fun shapes, as the theme of this time of the year. In this case we chose oatmeal porridge with a snowman made of banana and kiwi.

It’s a fun way to eat fruit, so let your imagination run wild and create other figures to surprise the little ones with.

Fruit to cook at Christmas: Stuffed baked apple

Baked apples are a perfect dessert or snack for cold Christmas days. In this case, since these are holidays, we wanted to give this recipe an extra touch to give it a Christmas look. First of all, you will need to remove the heart of the apple and part of the inside.

Baked apples

Stuff the inside of the apple with apple pulp (the one you extracted from it), raisins and walnuts. Once the desired browning is achieved, remove from the oven and let cool. To give an original touch, sprinkle on icing sugar or cinnamon.

In this very simple way you can prepare a dessert that will not go unnoticed and suitable for any family meal. Plus, being so healthy, it’s perfect to eat at the end of a heavy meal.

Cream of sweet potatoes

The sweet potato soup that we are about to present to you is perfect to eat as a first course. If there is a heavy dish in your menu, such as roasts or stuffed meats, the ideal is to choose a first course or a light appetizer.

Fruits and vegetables to cook at Christmas: cream of potatoes

We offer you this sweet potato cream which, thanks to its flavor and appearance, is perfectly suited to the Christmas holidays. To prepare it you will have to start by frying the sweet potatoes with leek or with a potato. It should be borne in mind that the sweet potato has a very intense flavor, which is preferable to combine with other more delicate foods.

Once fried, you will need to add some meat or vegetable broth and let it cook. After half an hour, you can remove the pan from the flame and mince with the help of an immersion blender. For the presentation, you could add some parsley and sprinkle some toasted bread, caramelized onion or chopped dried fruit on the plate.

Endive with quinoa and sautéed vegetables

The last proposal we make to you is perfect for a lunch or a light dinner. It can also be added to an antipasto platter or when it comes to a shared appetizer meal.

Endive and quinoa appetizer

To prepare this recipe you just need to cook the quinoa. Remember that you must always wash it first so that it does not taste bitter. While the quinoa is cooking, prepare the sautéed vegetables. You can use the ones you prefer.

Mix the quinoa with the vegetables and stuff the endive leaves with this mixture. In this simple way, you can prepare an appetizer that will not go unnoticed, original and with a very pleasant flavor.

After knowing these recipes, it is clear that fruit and vegetables can find space on the Christmas table. Also, their consumption is especially recommended these days, because it helps balance the amount of fat and naturally sourced foods we ingest.

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