Functional Training For Beginners

One of the most successful fitness trends today is functional training. Discover with us the secrets of this discipline to improve your performance day after day.
Functional training for beginners

Today there are more and more alternatives for those who want to practice physical activity. Functional training, thanks to its characteristics, is one of the most popular. In this article, you will find out what are the keys to starting this type of training and which exercises are best suited for beginners starting at a basic level.

What is functional training?

The funcional training and functional training is one of the most successful fitness trends today. However, few people clearly know what it is.

Functional training exercises are quite simple: they are performed with the whole body and in different planes of movement, mostly imitating the movements we perform on a daily basis.

One of the primary goals of functional training is the continuous search for transfer. By transfer we mean the process of gaining strength and coordination and then transferring them to the activities of daily life or to sport, in order to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Another feature of functional training for beginners is the use of body weight to perform the exercises. Once the mastery of matter has been acquired, other elements can be included.

Who can practice it?

Anyone who wants to improve and increase their stamina. Of course, it pays to know your limitations from the start and try not to try too hard.

For this reason, it is advisable to consult a professional, who will make an initial assessment and provide you with guidance to avoid any problems. In this sense, one of the key points of functional training for beginners will be progression.

HIIT: functional training for beginners

Benefits of functional training for everyday life

If you train your body comprehensively with functional exercises, you will get benefits such as:

  • Balance improvement.
  • Increased postural control.
  • Greater coordination.
  • Increased strength in daily activities.
  • Greater sports performance.
  • Reduction in the likelihood of injuries, both in sports and in daily life.

5 functional training exercises for beginners

If you want to start practicing functional training, here are the five most recommended exercises:

1. Squats

It is one of the most important exercises when working on the lower train. Without going any further, a traditional squat mimics our movement when it comes to sitting and getting up from a chair.

We must ensure that this work is performed correctly, as it can be an exercise that requires a lot of knee strain. At the same time, a correct back position must be maintained, which will be essential to reduce the risk of injury.

Squat: couple trains at home

2. Lunges

Lunges, along with squats, are one of the best exercises when working on the lower train. Do you think we can simulate this type of exercise every day when we walk.

While running and depending on the goal, you can run them forward or backward or dynamically or statically. For proper execution, it will be essential to never let the knee go past the tip of the foot forward. In addition, lunges can also be part of dynamic warming.

Functional training at home

3. Push-ups or push-ups

Push-ups are another of the fundamental functional exercises. It is one of the best ways to exert the push force that we use in many daily activities. This exercise requires the strain of the muscles of the upper body, especially the pectoral, arms and core.

In the beginning, it is convenient to do push-ups with the knees supported; once you have gotten enough strength, you can drop the support. Once again, functional training for beginners comes into play with this exercise.

Pushups on a meadow

4. Pull-ups

If earlier we focused on the pushing movements, in this case we refer to the pulling movements, which have the same importance as the first ones. A great way to train traction is with the well-known pull-up exercise. With this type of functional exercise we will work on the back muscles, as well as the arms and abdominal belt.

It is recommended that you start with your feet flat. Once we have gained enough strength, we will eliminate the support until we can do our first exercise using only body weight.

Exercises with body weight

5. Rotation of the trunk

Rotating the trunk should be a priority in functional training, as many people injure their back during twisting movements. One of the exercises that are best suited for this purpose is the one with the elastic. You have to hold it with both hands and rotate the trunk to exercise the core.

If you want to start or include functional training in your routine, start with these exercises. In a short time you will be able to master them and keep moving forward, as well as noticing their effects on daily life, especially as regards the stabilization of the muscles. This way, you can use your body to the fullest without worries!

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