Gymnastics At Home: How To Do It Right

Who said that to have a toned body you have to go to the gym? In this article we present some gymnastic exercises to do at home.
Gymnastics at home: how to do it right

The combination of two concepts such as exercise and home comfort can be very motivating and, in some cases (such as in the months of the pandemic we are experiencing), a forced choice. This is the case of gymnastics at home, a way to exercise in the comfort of your own home.

Gymnastics at home is not a specific training method, but refers to the practice of planned physical activity at home. In this article, we will delve into this mode and explain how to do it right.

What does home gymnastics consist of?

Gymnastics is a discipline designed to develop different physical abilities, among which flexibility and strength stand out, through the performance of specific exercises.

It is a sport in all respects, to be carried out both in the gym and in other designated places. But in this case we will only talk about his home practice, that is, developed at home.

When it comes to home gym exercises, there are a number of recommendations to keep in mind. Below we will mention the most important ones.

Prepare a comfortable space

It can be a room, a part of the room, the study, and even a covered courtyard; the idea is that this space is comfortable and that it makes you want to exercise. Also, you will need to have at least one mat to avoid hurting your neck or tailbone on the floor.

Gymnastics at home: strength exercises

Strength is one of the physical abilities that are improved with gymnastics. To achieve this, it is necessary to include several exercises in the routine. We present three – cores, arms and legs – useful for building strength through gymnastics at home.

Woman doing gymnastics at home.


At first glance it looks like a basic exercise, but when it comes to doing it it is one of the most complex. The plank focuses on the isometric effort of the muscle groups belonging to the core. In this way, this part of the body is strengthened, allowing you to gain more strength overall.

There are several types, but the most common is the front plank with forearms. This may be the most suitable alternative for starting gymnastics at home.

Front lifts

Front lifts should be performed with the help of two dumbbells. This exercise uses the deltoid as an agonist muscle, which is important for the power of the upper limb.

The bicep works antagonistically to the triceps, contributing to the increase in strength. To add complexity, we can perform the side lift during the same exercise. Front lifts are great for building strength at home.

Couple doing weights at home.


The last recommended exercise to increase strength is the step. This presents several variables, among which those that involve a jump between repetitions stand out.

The stride promotes the power of the quadriceps femoris, as well as working the back of the thigh in an antagonistic way.

Flexibility exercises

Talking about gymnastics without relating it to flexibility is practically impossible. This physical ability is one of the most important and, for this reason, flexibility exercises should be included in any training routine.


More than an exercise, yoga is a very broad discipline that focuses on meditation and flexibility. You don’t need to be an expert to practice it, and its benefits are both mental and physical!

Woman doing yoga at home.


Stretching for the torso and limbs is essential, as it promotes flexibility. We recommend that you be patient and go step by step to avoid injury.

Gymnastics at home: more exercise?

Gymnastics at home does not only include the execution of a series of physical exercises: it must be interpreted as an activity that can be enjoyed comfortably at home.

We strongly believe that physical activity at home has enormous health benefits and that later, why not, it can easily turn into a routine to be performed in the gym.

As with many other things, the only limit is our way of thinking, that is, setting ourselves to do one thing and then really make it happen. Of course, we must also take into account the physical abilities of each and indulge in the habit little by little.

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