High Intensity Cardio Exercises To Burn More Fat

Intense cardio exercises help us burn a good amount of fat, but let’s not forget that physical activity must necessarily be accompanied by an adequate diet
High-intensity cardio exercises to burn more fat

Among the most common goals for those who decide to join the gym or start fitness routines, we usually find that to lose weight. High-intensity cardio exercises are the best option for burning fat.

However, before we start doing  high intensity cardio exercises  and burning fat, we must not ignore that fat and calories are the main sources of energy for our body.

Moreover, on the other side of the coin, there are those who want to reduce the diameter of the waist in a miraculous way, without considering that this is a process that does not include only daily physical exercise.

What are high intensity cardio exercises?

High-intensity cardio exercises include all physical activity designed to increase the number of heartbeats per minute, for a set amount of time. These are routines that must go hand in hand with muscle strengthening exercises. All this to avoid the flaccidity generated by weight loss.

At the gym, the best way to do high-intensity cardio exercises is with tools like the treadmill. However, among these types of machines there are two that stand out: the elliptical and the static bike.


Train your muscles with the static bike


This exercise offers a number of common benefits for the whole body. In one hour of training you can burn between 450 and 830 calories; which is up to four times higher than those burned by walking.

Similar results are obtained with a conventional bicycle, always if we go at an intense pace and do not just take a simple walk. In addition, the set of movements, both on an elliptical and static bike, is quite similar to that of many exercises with weights. This allows you to maintain and even increase the strength of the muscular system by burning fat.

Exercises for everyone

The most common is walking. In order to practice it, no prior preparation is required. It is also an excellent warm-up for other activities, especially in the case of people with poor physical preparation.

Walking to burn fat

Running or jogging are also very healthy exercises, although their level of need requires previously acquired skills. Skipping rope is the ideal option when life dynamics or weather conditions do not allow for outdoor activity.

There are also other sports, such as football or basketball,  which require constant movement,  as well as martial arts or boxing. More than from the competitions themselves, their benefits come from the tough training sessions.

HIIT workout: high intensity, maximum results

These routines take the concept of high intensity cardio to the next level. While the results of “traditional” physical activities are considered positive, interval workouts have proven to be even more effective in burning fat.

The HIIT routine is the combination of highly controlled intervals with high intensity movements and moments for rest and recovery. This results in a noticeable improvement in the body’s ability to oxidize fats.

Due to its high level of need, it is not recommended to make a drastic transition from a sedentary lifestyle to this routine. Progressive adaptation is required, always under the supervision of a specialist doctor who will certify if you are ready to endure the high physical effort.

Benefits of high intensity cardio exercises

It is not easy to get rid of the excess fats that end up in the muscle tissue. In practice, high-intensity cardio exercises do more than just reduce the numbers on the scale: they optimize the functioning of the heart and lungs and are effective in reducing stress levels and improving the quality of sleep and rest.

Plus, they prevent problems like diabetes and high blood pressure, while helping to keep bad cholesterol at bay.

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