HIIT At Home: High Impact Training To Do At Home

Making HIIT at home is practical, fast and costs practically nothing. Find out how.
HIIT at home: high impact workout to do at home

Keeping fit seems to be no easy challenge these days. In addition to the difficulties in planning our daily commitments, we also have to split up to maintain a daily exercise routine. With this HIIT workout at home it will be easier to maintain a healthy weight with a few minutes a day of training.

Let’s see in this article what HIIT at home consists of .

What is HIIT training?

As for the intervals between exercises, they can be inactive (total rest) or low intensity (moderate exercises, such as walking or staying in motion).

An elementary example would be sprinting at full speed for one minute ; and then walk quietly for a minute and a half.

By performing these movements four to six times in a row, you will have achieved a simple and effective HIIT workout. This is a good option for anyone who wants to start HIIT in a safe, convenient and inexpensive way.

HIIT workout at home

But for best results, the difficulty needs to be progressively increased as the body gets used to the maximum intensity of each workout. The most important thing is to focus on being able to give your best in the short moments in which each exercise must be performed, without skipping the break.

Also, the number of times you do HIIT each week must be a crescendo of intensity. In the beginning it is normal for those who exercise to feel tired after seven or eight minutes of training. For this reason, the advice is to perform shorter workouts, of a maximum of 10 minutes and two to three times a week.

Starting from the third or fourth week you can add one additional training per week. Little by little, and in a subjective way, everyone will have to progress in training. The ideal is to ideally maintain four or five sessions per week, of 15 minutes each.

What are the benefits of doing HIIT at home

The first benefit that HIIT training at home brings is the ability to optimize times and obtain satisfactory results. A 10-minute HIIT workout at home can offer the same impact as a 45-minute cardio routine.

Another benefit is that HIIT has been shown to be effective for adults of all ages, whether they lead an active or sedentary lifestyle. Logically, starting this type of training will have to be a slow and gradual process so as not to damage the individual’s well-being.

Compared to the results, an effective HIIT workout at home allows you to eliminate localized fats in a short time, especially those of the abdominal region. Also, strengthen the muscles and improve physical endurance. On the other hand, cardiorespiratory work allows to improve blood circulation and prevent numerous diseases.

HIIT to do at home: the Tabata method

This type of home HIIT workout was created by the Japanese Izumi Tabata. His training plan offers eight sets of 20 seconds each, of very high intensity training, with 10-second breaks. Since these are short and flexible sessions, they can be performed by any person, always under medical authorization.

Woman does squats at home

Nowadays, there are several versions of the Tabata method with gym equipment and tools. But it is also possible to perform the exercises at home by simply appealing to willpower and a little time.

Below, we see some examples of training to be done at home and to be performed in series of 20 seconds each:

  • Jamping jacks.
  • Simple squat.
  • Isometric squat against the wall.
  • Push-ups.
  • Traditional plank.
  • Run in place.
  • Side plank.
  • Push-ups with rotation.
  • Step-up on the chair.

Little-Gibala method for making HIIT at home

This very high intensity interval training method was devised by Drs Martin Gibala and Jonathan Little. His proposal is to create intense series of one second, with a rest of 75 seconds (1 minute and a half). The ideal is to complete eight to twelve sets for effective results.

This is an excellent option for beginners as it incorporates many low intensity rest intervals. Originally the idea was to take very high intensity shots by pedaling on an exercise bike or treadmill. However, it is possible to intersperse small intense runs in place with simple jump intervals.

Hundred meters HIIT workout

This method is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to practice HIIT and improve your fitness. It basically consists of performing various repetitions of 100-meter sprints (short shots at very high intensity), interspersed with pauses. The intervals can be six or seven seconds (more or less the time to return to the starting point of the sprint).

Since it is an intense method, characterized by great cardiorespiratory and muscular effort, it is not recommended for beginners of HIIT training.

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