How To Choose Good Hiking Shoes?

Today it is possible to buy a large variety of models and brands. But to choose the most suitable hiking shoes for you, do not miss these tips.
How to choose good hiking shoes?

In recent times, outdoor sports have won more and more fans. Activities such as hiking in the mountains were often considered suitable only for experts and particularly trained people. Today, these sports have become more accessible. Both for the new routes that offer different levels of difficulty and the new materials that facilitate their execution, such as modern trekking shoes.

If you are passionate about this sport and want to know how to choose the  most suitable trekking shoes for your needs, in this article you will find all the information that will allow you to do it without making mistakes.

Tricks to choose the best hiking shoes

The first thing you need to consider is the frequency with which you will make excursions of this type. If you plan to go out often in the mountains, well, you will want to invest in the purchase of higher quality hiking shoes. How to know if the ones you like are also the best ones, to meet your needs? No problem: you just have to read on.

Height of the shoe

When you decide to buy new hiking shoes, you will have to ask yourself about the type of route you are going to do. For example, a mid-height shoe will offer you more comfort while, if you are looking for more protection, you should prefer a high shoe. If the terrain in which to trek has a lot of tall shrubs or thorns that could damage the legs, the second option will be the best.

Group of hikers walk among the trees

The sole

One of the most important characteristics of trekking shoes to take into consideration is certainly the sole. Whatever the terrain you are going to walk on, we recommend one that is non-slip and capable of guaranteeing excellent grip.

Try to choose shoes equipped with “vibram” or “contagrip” technologies because they are the soles that, in terms of trekking, offer the best grip on practically all terrains. Low-cost  models that simply feature a molded rubber sum could make you slip often, causing bad falls and injuries.

The membrane

The inside of the hiking shoes can be made of different materials. The best is certainly the famous Gore Tex, very reliable but also very expensive. There are other cheaper options, especially if you’re only going to do a couple of releases a year.

Of course, if your goal is serious trekking, it is worth investing in products that offer greater comfort, excellent breathability and are totally waterproof.

The upper

Although it may seem trivial, remember to always buy waterproof hiking shoes. Because? This way you will not only have boots to go hiking: you will have a versatile product that you can also use in other areas. In short, the fact that they are waterproof will mean that you will use them on a greater number of occasions. In addition, the mountain is full of surprises and often the climate changes abruptly. Better be careful.

Man with hiking boots standing on a rock

The right weight of trekking shoes

As with sneakers, weight is an index of the quality of a product. Lightweight hiking shoes will be more comfortable and improve your performance. Keep in mind that even a beginner route will require, at least, a couple of hours of walking. Having too heavy and uncomfortable shoes can turn a pleasant adventure into a real ordeal.

Which brand to choose?

Salomon, +8000 and others are certainly the most credible brands. Of course you can buy models from standard brands and at lower prices, but when it comes to quality, durability, resistance and reliability, perhaps it is better not to risk.

Analyze all the pros and cons, because sometimes the price difference is not that big, especially in relation to possible damage to health.

These are our tips for choosing suitable and reliable hiking shoes. If you want to start practicing this sport, in contact with nature and beneficial for the body, start with the most important thing: footwear.

On the contrary, if you are an expert trekker but still need to change shoes, you probably already knew all these tips but having a reminder will still be useful: do you agree?

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