How To Do Abdominals Correctly

Many people do not do their abdominals correctly, and they risk hurting their back or neck.
How to do situps correctly

The abdominals are one of the most common exercises we have done since we were little. However, this does not mean that we cannot make mistakes during their performance that we could pay dearly for. That’s why you need to know how to do situps correctly

The abs were probably the first exercise you learned from a friend, neighbor, or family member. Or it may be that you discovered them when you were in school. However, when it comes to adulthood, many find that they are not doing this exercise correctly. And you? Now we will consider various factors to keep in mind when doing situps to train the abdomen.

Tips for doing the abdominals correctly

There are several mistakes people make while doing situps.  It is possible that by going to the gym the watcher asked you why you were doing it that way. Don’t worry, it can happen, this is because there have been many “traditions” and myths about their development. These are some tips to keep in mind to do the abdominals correctly.

The back

The back is the most important part that can be damaged if we do not carry out the abdominals correctly. The latter must always remain straight and must not be stretched out to the maximum as many mistakenly do. It is clear that we are talking about the front abdominals, because in the obliques or in the lateral ones you will have to remove the back from the ground.

In the front abdominals, however, it is not necessary to raise the back because the force must be done with the abdomen, so do not force it; leave it attached to the ground and always keep it straight.

how to do situps correctly

Avoid sudden movements

The force exerted can lead you to make the mistake of letting your back fall hard against the ground. This will not help you exercise the muscles you want, and in fact, you may even hurt yourself.

Whether you raise or lower your back you have to do it with gentle movements. Remember that the correct way to do this exercise is to get up quickly and come down slowly.


Breathing properly is essential for exercising, and this also applies to the abs. You have to breathe when you go up and exhale when you go down. This will allow you to tire less and you will also notice an improvement over time in your way of breathing and in your body in general.

Learn to do situps correctly

Even if you may not believe it, there are many people who do not know how to maintain a correct posture to do the abdominals. So we will tell you how to do them:

  • Keep your face up. Lie down with your knees bent on a mat. The knees must be at a 90 degree angle and the feet must rest entirely on the mat.
  • Put your hands behind your head. Many use their hands for strength by pushing the head forward, but this will only cause a neck injury. It is simply a matter of putting the fingertips behind the ears with the elbows open. It is a useful position to push yourself and help you maintain balance, but it is not intended to push your neck or head.
  • Raise your chest.  You must bring your torso as close to your knees as possible, but without lifting your back off the ground. Tighten your abdomen as you do the exercise so that the effect is greater. Remember that your feet must not move off the ground.
  • Do three sets. The minimum is three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions each, two or three times a week. Remember that when it comes to exercise, the saying ‘more is better’ is not true because the muscles get used to it and the movement will not cause the desired effect.
find out how to do situps correctly

If you want to work your abs while doing other exercises you can tighten your abdomen as long as you can. For example, while running, you are on the elliptical bike or on a bicycle. Even while you work, while seated, you can train your abs. The important thing is that you always do it correctly to avoid greater damage.

These tips on how to do abdominals are designed for tall ones, but there are many variations that you can perform, taking into account the same tips, which is to keep your back straight by pushing yourself forward without forcing certain parts of the body such as the neck or head.



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