How To Grab A Padel Racket

Discover the different techniques and tips for grabbing a padel racket, one of the most fun and increasingly popular sports.
How to grab a padel racket

There are several ways to grab a padel racket and knowing them all allows us to play more fully and effectively. While there are more than ten different holds, in this article we will focus on the three most important.

Read on to find out how to grab a padel racket.

Grabbing a padel racket: the basics

When we take the first steps (or strokes) in this wonderful sport, the first thing we should know is that there are several ways to grab the shovel or racket. How to choose the socket? It all depends on the circumstances of the game and the shot you want to make.

For this reason, professional players change the grip several times in the same game or point:  the inclination of the racket is related to the hit that is given to the ball.

Ways of grabbing a padel racket

While grip versatility is one more step in practice – i.e. after practicing for a while – it is good to know that in the future we will have the ability to change the way we grip the racket and be able to hit the ball more easily if we are fast and we choose the best option quickly.

Now… what can we rely on to get a good grip on the racket? We should grab it as if we were shaking someone’s hand. We can ask our partner or instructor to pass it by supporting it by the head (the widest part).

Next, we will place the thumb on one side and the other four fingers on the other. We go down with the hand following the profile of the racket until we reach the handle (the lower part). Finally, we put our hands together to tighten the racket well.

Continental socket

This is the simplest option for grabbing a padel racket and is the first thing that is taught to those who are just getting started with the sport. It is known as “continental” or “hammer” and allows you to hit more naturally and easily … Ideal for beginners!

Also, since we only have to worry about keeping the fist clenched and moving the wrist to give direction to the racquet, we can pay attention to other things that can cost us points at first (such as moving).

Don’t forget to keep your wrist, hand, fingers and even arms and shoulders relaxed:  a forced posture can cause contractures or injuries.  Also, at first we advise you not to try to change the grip whether you hit right (in car) or left (reverse).

While it can be a bit tedious to spend a couple of lessons just practicing continental grip and putting the excitement of the game aside, the truth is that if we don’t know how to grab the racket at first, it will be harder to progress and change. the socket. Starting with the wrong technique limits our ability to continue learning.

Practice grabbing the racket

Two other types of padel racket grip

We have already talked about the most frequent way to grab a padel racket,  now it is the turn of the other two most frequent ways: East of forehand and East of backhand. Of course there are others, which are common to tennis and have names like ” Western backhand”, “s emi-western” straight and ” semi-eastern of law”, etc. However, we will not give details on each (perhaps later), but we will describe the two fundamental holds after the continental one.

1. Eastern by law

It can be used in various situations, including flat forehand hits, backhand hits in very low balls and in power shots (it allows us to hit very hard). To grasp the straight eastern style shovel we have to take it with the left hand facing forward, and then place the palm of the right hand on the wider surface of the racquet. We go down with the right hand to the bottom and close it.

2. Backhand exterior

Although it has this name (which derives from tennis), it  does not mean that we can only use it for hitting from the backhand or with the left; it also allows you to hit with the right hand. There are four specific situations in which it is convenient to use it: in the defense on the right with very low balls, in the flat backhand shots, in the smash  within three meters, in the viper stroke (ideal for those who do not have a good  smash.

To grab a padel racket in this way let’s put it parallel to the ground, place the palm of the hand on the handle with the big toe facing us and then close the fist. With the opposite hand we take the racket in the central part.

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