How To Introduce Seeds Into Your Everyday Diet

As you will see, it is very easy to introduce seeds into the daily diet, in both sweet and savory foods. At any time of the day, seeds can always have a use. 
How to get seeds into your everyday diet

Seeds are a food with many properties. There are different types and they can be introduced into any food. They improve intestinal transit, are beneficial for memory and also contain vitamins. There is no excuse for not introducing seeds into the diet.

Here are some ideas with which to introduce seeds into your everyday diet .

Tips for introducing seeds into the diet


Salads are one of the staple foods of diets. They prepare quickly and easily, and what’s more, they are good for your health. You must always be careful not to add inappropriate ingredients that only end up increasing your calorie intake.

seeds in the diet

Seeds are a food that we can  easily introduce into any diet. Any type will improve your dish and provide more nutrients. Below we list some proposals to include seeds in the daily diet and in particular in salads:

  • Quinoa salad. If you add quinoa to the salad you will have a complete and healthy dish. Wash it before using it to remove the bitter taste. Combine it with lettuce and tomato to create a dish you will love. You have to be careful when dressing your salad, as quinoa is a very absorbent seed and will eventually get drenched in oil.
  • Pumpkin seeds. We normally consume pumpkin or sunflower seeds with salt. A healthier way to eat them is to toast them and combine them with a salad. They give a different flavor that will give an extra touch to your salad.
  • Flax or chia seeds. These seeds are among the most versatile because they adapt to any recipe. They are especially recommended if you have constipation problems and are rich in vitamin E.


A low-fat or Greek yogurt is a healthy snack. If we add some pieces of fruit and seeds, we will have a super food. It is always better to add chopped fruit to natural yogurt rather than buying fruit yogurt.

seeds in the diet

As for the seeds to be introduced, the choice depends on your tastes. The most used for yoghurts are chia or sesame seeds. Below we give you a couple of recipes to enjoy delicious and healthy yogurt.

  • Greek yogurt with kiwi and chia. Add a teaspoon of chia seeds to the bottom of a glass. Next, empty the yogurt and add more seeds. Put the chopped kiwi and a few drops of honey on top.
  • Natural yogurt with strawberries and flax seeds. Add a tablespoon of flax seeds and empty the jar of yogurt. Then, add the chopped strawberries and a tablespoon of sugar-free strawberry jam.

Cereal bars

Cereal bars are one of the simplest ways to get seeds into your everyday diet. You can buy them or make them at home. If you make them yourself it will be a much healthier option because they will not contain all the sugar that industrial ones contain. Plus, it’s very simple and you can make enough of it once every two weeks. They keep well if stored properly.

seeds in the diet

Cereal bars are a great snack to eat between meals. You can carry them in your bag or backpack and eat them when you have an appetite. They are also recommended for those on a diet both because they are a healthy food and because they can be a mid-morning or early afternoon snack.


Perhaps soups are the least common way to get seeds into your everyday diet. We advise you to try them because they are a very appetizing way to consume seeds, especially in the winter.

One suggestion is the quinoa soup with vegetables. First, sauté the vegetables you want to add to the soup. Wash the quinoa and cook it for a few minutes in a pan. Add the quinoa to the vegetables and also the broth. Cook for 20 minutes and in a very simple way you will have a hot dish whose main ingredient will be the seeds.

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