How To Prevent Friction Burns In The Gym?

Friction burns must be treated appropriately from the moment they occur. In this article we will see how, but we will also tell you how to avoid them.
How to prevent friction burns in the gym?

Friction burns are a common problem in various disciplines. Knowing how to prevent them is important because, if we don’t, we may have to go several days without being able to play sports.

In this article we will see how we can do to avoid suffering this annoying injury. With a few simple prevention measures, we can avoid this problem that generates so much discomfort during training.

What are friction burns?

We will start by explaining what friction burns consist of, as there are studies that list the different types of burns and the best treatments. We recognize friction burns because they leave a deep red mark on the injured area. For a while the skin will be torn, until a scab appears which then heals.

In the early stages, it is not only a rather painful wound, but one must beware of infections. This is because the skin barrier is absent, so you are more likely to get an infection. As explained in a survey published by RqR Community Nursing , although friction burns are not the most common type of burn, they affect many people.

During the healing process we will not be able to use that part of the body for sports. Like it or not, we will have to wait for the scab to fall off by itself and for the skin to heal. If we try to use the burned area before it is healed, it will make things worse and the healing process will take longer.

How can we prevent them?

These types of burns occur when using an item like the bar, or even if we fall and hurt our knees. Any movement that will leverage a large part of your body weight will put pressure on the affected area.

Bubble caused by friction.

Friction burns are common when using items such as gym bars.
Therefore, the first thing to do is to wear protective clothing. Finger-free gloves are essential, as most gym machines force us to lift weights with our hands. If we go to the gym regularly, we need to get a good pair of gloves. Also, it is important to wash them often.

Secondly, when it comes to friction in falls, you will need to wear the right footwear. The sole must adhere well to the ground and not slip. Secondly, beware of wetlands.

Either because they have been clean or because of sweat, we have to look at what the floor is like in the area where we have to practice. If there is a risk of falling, another option is to put a padded mat underneath. And finally, if the risk of falling is high, we can always wear knee pads.

Treatment for friction burns

As we said, friction burns are very annoying. Therefore, it is essential to recover as soon as possible in order not to have a relapse and to suffer more than necessary.

First, we must prevent the burn from becoming infected. We need to clean the area with soap and water and dry it with a clean towel or gauze. It is important that the person cleaning the wound wash their hands well before approaching the wound; if possible, do not touch it with your hands. Before disinfecting it, try to remove any remaining gravel or dirt.

Next, we need to apply some disinfectant drugs, such as iodine, and then cover the wound. The latter should preferably be done with a gauze and a bandage that allows the wound to breathe while preventing it from becoming infected.

In the following days, it will be convenient to wash the wound from time to time. Once the skin has healed, apply a product to moisturize the affected area.

Burn to the hand.

An injury that can be easily avoided

Fortunately, friction burns can be avoided. Using gloves, for example, or being more careful, or using sleeping pads or knee pads.

However, it is always possible to suffer a friction burn due to an oversight. So it’s worth remembering our tips to start healing right from the start. If we try to ignore it, an infection will significantly delay recovery and prevent us from playing sports much longer.

Therefore, we must properly cleanse the wound, both as soon as it occurs and during the following days. Also, you should always wash your hands thoroughly before doing this, as well as remove any sweat, dust or dirt that may have settled. Hygiene is essential, because bacteria naturally present on the skin can also be harmful, as they can infect the wound and aggravate the situation.

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