Improve Your Running Technique With These Simple Tips

Even if you are an expert runner, and especially if you are a beginner, it is crucial that your running technique is well honed. This way you will have less fatigue and avoid injuries.
Improve your running technique with these simple tips

Regardless of the level of experience – whether it is high, intermediate or amateur – it is always possible to improve your running technique a little more.

By following our advice, you can improve your  running technique in a simple and practical way.

Tips to improve your running technique

Train the core

It is important that all runners train and strengthen the core and glute areas. In fact,  strength training is essential to improve time and endurance on the track. 

In practice, experts say that with just 5 minutes of daily training in this area, it is possible to improve the stability of the pelvis, hips and torso. Plus, it helps prevent injuries.

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Avoid pushing your weight onto your heels

Improve your running technique with simple tips such as avoiding weight on your heels. This practice is ineffective when running and, in addition, it can be traumatic and cause injury. In this sense,  experts say that placing the weight on the heels causes the foot to be injured with every movement  and this limits the speed of the race.

To avoid making this mistake, there are various exercises that help correct it. From shortening the stride to running without shoes. This method causes the subject to soften the steps by landing on the sole of the foot. The difference will be noticed immediately.

Another useful exercise is to shorten the stride. To do this, it is advisable to increase the frequency by exercising the support under the hips.


While it seems obvious, many times it is difficult to find the perfect state of concentration to maximize your running and training.

Experts recommend exercising when you are well rested and fresh. It is essential that the runner feels they have enough energy to perform movements at high frequency and with the greatest possible accuracy.

The ideal posture and the best running technique

Correct posture is essential for running effectively. In this sense, it is important to remember that the upper body must be completely straight, the abdominal and gluteal area active and the head up.

On the other hand, the arms must be close to the body and form a 90 degree angle. The position of the body and arms is essential for maintaining a good rhythm  and conserving energy while running.

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Tips to improve your running technique 

Run slowly

On many occasions, runners are obsessed with speed. However,  specialists recommend running slowly and learning how to increase distance and speed. It is an adaptation process, for which speed and time should not be the main focus, but continuous learning.

Position of the knees

One of the big problems of those who practice this sport is to keep the knees in the correct position. Specifically, the difficulty lies in lifting them correctly.

To improve this type of inconvenience, there are various exercises aimed at improving posture. Walking and running with the knees up prepares the runner for the correct lifting of the knees.

Coordination exercises

Improve your running technique with coordination exercises. The goal of these exercises is to exercise muscles, running technique and coordination. 

Some that we recommend are: butt kickers, high-knee drills and straight-leg runs. A medium stride, knee posture and endurance will also be favored with these exercises.

Appropriate shoes

Proper shoes are essential for improving running technique. In this context, the premise is that less is more. That is,  the ideal is to use shoes that are not too comfortable,  because they will have a debilitating effect on the foot making it more prone to injury.

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There are several well-known brands of shoes on the market that offer minimal support for the foot,  while ensuring muscle support for the ankle. 

With these eight simple tips, it will be easy to improve your running technique. It is easy to put them into practice, but they require constancy and perseverance on the part of the athlete.

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