Is Having One Race A Week Harmful To The Body?

Racing every week has become very common among runners, but putting your body under such strain so often can cause enormous damage to the body.
Is having one race a week harmful to the body?

There are so many people who love running so much that they end up having one race a week. They do it because competing with others and with themselves generates a feeling of emotion and joy in them. However, doing this type of activity every week can expose you to severe physical and mental problems.

For this reason , runners need to keep in mind that excesses are never a good thing and that, instead of improving physical performance, it can worsen their health. In light of all this it is advisable to analyze some practical tips to decide whether to participate in a race or not.

Is it possible to compete every week?

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It is absolutely not recommended to compete every week, as our performance will only get worse. The body would not have the time to recover strength between one competition and another and some discomfort would begin to appear that could cause damage to health or even injury.

Negative consequences of competing every week

Participating in a competition every week has negative consequences for the body, here are some of them:

  • Loss of physical performance
  • Tiredness
  • Muscle injuries
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Lack of appetite
  • Apathy
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain in the joints and muscles

Useful tips to rest the body

It is important to learn to listen to your body and understand if we are too tired to continue. Therefore, if you plan to participate in races every week or so, you will have to follow a lighter workout or not take part in all the races in full. We give you some tips to let your body rest:

  • It takes time and patience for the muscles to return to their normal state and to resume training.
  • You have to organize yourself well and decide in which type of race to compete.
  • In the days leading up to the race you will certainly be nervous and stressed. Precisely for this reason it is important to  rest and get enough sleep.
  • Try to indulge in other things, such as contemplating a beautiful landscape or taking a bike ride or other activity you enjoy, to release tension and ease your mind.


How to prepare for the last week before the race?

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You are now at the final stage and your body has rested enough to face the great challenge. You must continue to train, but at a moderate pace, so that the body does not cool down, as the race will be the moment of truth and you will have your nerves on the edge.

Also, you will start to have doubts and the first cramps will appear, but don’t worry. All this is normal and a few massages will be enough to make you feel better. Here are some tips that will come in handy for this last week:

  • Do not change the exercise routine, remember that the body has become accustomed to a rigorous training program.
  • If you have missed a day of training, do not overload your body, as you will not be able to regain the lost exercise.
  • Following a balanced diet is part of training.
  • Do not eat heavy food during the last week, as it may cause indigestion.
  • In the months leading up to the competition, you must follow a balanced diet. On the Internet you can find many nutritional recipes.
  • Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to the race, so that your body is hydrated at all times.
  • Observe the place where the competition will take place, as an environment that is too hot could damage your performance.
  • Prepare everything you will wear for the race in advance : socks, tank top and comfortable shoes to avoid blisters.

In conclusion, competing every week is not very beneficial for your health because you could injure yourself and fail to achieve your goals. Remember that you can go on for years running, but only if you learn and respect and listen to your body.

In this way you will be excellent athletes and you will understand that you cannot participate in a race a week, simply because you are not a machine. By resting enough rest, you will always be able to give your best during competitions.

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