Kettlebell: How To Use Them Make The Whole Body Work

Kettlebells can make our training in the gym even more complete, but we must always alternate their use with other exercises 
Kettlebells: how to use them to work the whole body

Kettlebells  are very versatile  and in vogue tools that we can try if our goal is to lose weight and build muscle mass.

Thanks to their shape, they allow us to perform numerous exercises that are impossible with classic dumbbells.

Their main feature is the particular grip, which offers us more options than traditional weights. Haven’t you added kettlebells to your daily workout yet?

There are different sizes and weights to modify and improve your training program little by little, and as you get used to the movements and variety they offer.  

Crossfit kettlebell

If you always say you want to keep fit, but find a thousand excuses such as that you don’t have time to go to the gym, you don’t have enough money or space at home to work out, you will have to look for more after discovering the full body workout that we present below. All you need is a kettlebell and a great desire to work out and sweat.

Not just swing

If you often go to gyms where you do crossfit or train with kettlebells, you will already know that the classic movement is the swing, for a specific reason: it is a fundamental movement on which most of the exercises that are based are based. achieve with this tool.

However, there are other kettlebell exercises and workouts that are not limited to the swing. Let’s find out together.

Kettlebell Clean

This exercise is mainly used to train  the quadriceps, shoulders and trunk.

We rely on leg strength to lift the weight with the arm. Furthermore, if we perform several repetitions, we will also improve our cardiovascular endurance.

Kettlebell squat

Goblet Squat

This is a very interesting exercise if our aim is to strengthen and work the whole body.

We start with the kettlebell in front of the chest, to act as a counterweight and allow us to perform a deeper squat (we will lower more) in total safety.

This greater depth will force us to open the hips more, so the shoulders and abdomen will also do extra work to keep the weight in the starting position. This complicates a simple dumbbell exercise.

Kettlebell Thurster

This kind of “barbell squat” adds vertical pressure. Including this exercise in our workout helps us create relentless cardiovascular stimulation as we work almost every muscle in the body.

Reverse Lunge

To complete the workout, we add a lunge aimed at making the shoulders and abs work harder than the classic lunge with dumbbells on the sides.

Having to hold the kettlebell, the torso and shoulder girdle must work to maintain the correct position, thus obtaining a burning sensation throughout the body.

The ideal is to perform five-minute micro-series with continuous repetitions of each exercise and with breaks between one series and another.

Factors to consider

Kettlebell exercises

The main reason why kettlebells have spread so much is undoubtedly due to the multiple benefits they offer; however, good technique is required to train with them, due to the complexity and risks of the exercises.  

The simultaneous work of different muscle groups and the difficulty of training require a prior optimal physical state, so as to achieve the best training.

Kettlebells can be of great help if our medium to long-term goal is to burn calories and work muscles. However, at least at the beginning, it is recommended to alternate these exercises with other activities, in the gym or outside.

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