Making A Hundred Jumps Per Minute To Burn Calories

It may seem like something childish or not very useful, but the benefits of jumping rope for fat burning are more than proven, and when you have the courage to take on the challenge, you will find that it is not as simple as it seems.
Do one hundred jumps per minute to burn calories

To burn calories it is possible to establish a “ challenge”  of one hundred jumps per minute, every day for a month and see what results we get. This exercise, which sounds simple but isn’t, is said to be a very effective way to burn calories . The time has come to check it out!

One hundred jumps per minute to burn calories

It is thought that doing one hundred jumps per minute is equivalent to burning about 15 calories. It may seem like very little, but it can be 30% more of what we burn from jogging or walking at a fast pace.

Also, it is not necessary to jump just 60 seconds, but  our skipping rope routine can be 5, 10 or 15 minutes. If we multiply the amount of calories burned, we get 75, 150 or 255 respectively.

Workout at home to burn calories

On the other hand, if we add other exercises to jumping rope, we can create a routine, with which we will be able to burn more than 300 calories in just 20 minutes, firming and strengthening our muscles at the same time.

But we don’t rush. First of all, try to do a hundred jumps per minute, a task that may seem simple, but if you try it you will see that it is not that easy. You have to be very fast to perform this number of jumps in 60 seconds. At first you will be able to do 40 or 50, with practice you will be able to easily do 100.

The best thing is that you can carry the rope in your bag and train wherever you want or when you have time:  a park, a balcony, a patio or a terrace. You don’t even need to carry this object with you, since you can always simulate the movement of jumps, just taking your feet off the ground, with rapid and constant movements.

Jump rope and have fun

It is possible that jumping rope is an activity you gave up when you grew up, or that you never did before, but there is a reason why this exercise is present in many professional training routines, such as boxing.

The benefits of the rope

Jumping rope is a very complete workout, which allows us to burn fat and stay fit in no time. With a few minutes (especially if you manage to overcome the challenge of one hundred jumps per minute) it will be worth it.

Although it is a fun activity, which can also be done by watching a series or a movie, if we combine it with other exercises we can speed up our metabolic functions and enjoy the results in less time. Some options are:

1. Jump rope with Tabata

Start with four minutes of skipping rope. When finished, rest for a minute and continue with 20 abdominal pushups and 30 seconds of plank. Repeat these last two exercises twice.

2. Rope jump with burpees

Perform one hundred jumps per minute for three minutes. Then, rest 30 seconds and do four sets of eight burpees each.

3. Jump rope in different styles

In this case, the only thing to do is to jump rope but change the speed and style. To start, two minutes with alternate legs, then two minutes with one leg (30 seconds for each leg) and finally two minutes with both legs. Rest for a minute and start over. Make three series.

4. Jump rope with calisthenics

Start with one hundred jumps per minute (or the time it takes to do 100), do 100 pushups, then another minute of rope, 20 scissors, another minute of rope jumping, and 10 lateral leg pushes. Rest for a minute and start over. Repeat for up to 20 minutes of training.

5. Advanced level jump rope

Those with experience, in addition to doing the hundred jumps per minute, can continue with one minute of push-ups, one minute of plank and one minute of knee-to-chest. Repeat the four exercises five times.

do the planks

Jumping rope is a complete and very energetic cardiovascular exercise, it is not necessary to have a rope with you to train and can be performed anywhere. They are all benefits!

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