Mental Tricks To Improve Your Performance

It is possible to learn how to better manage negative phases with the help of some mental tricks. The secret is to put them into practice and be consistent
Mental tricks to improve your performance

When you want to reach a goal, you have to learn how to manage negative phases and failures. Otherwise, you could lose motivation and abandon the goals you were trying to achieve. To avoid all this it is important to know and practice some mental tricks.

Having negative thoughts is a very common thing, the problem arises when they become so strong that they prevent us from seeing the positive side of things, negatively affecting our performance. Mental tricks are tools that allow us to better manage negative thoughts and allow us to use them in the best way to achieve our goals.

To perform a good physical performance you must not only be in good health from a physical point of view, the psychological aspect is also important. Having a complete well-being you can surely make more in your activities.

How to use negativity to improve?

When you feel that negative thoughts are affecting your routines, take a break and carefully analyze what is troubling you. Remember that hiding negative thoughts behind a smoke screen is only a temporary solution and, sooner or later, problems will appear again.

Once you have identified the problem it is important to take action, leave your worries behind and move on. If it is a problem that for no reason can be solved, acknowledge it and accept that there are situations that you cannot solve. You don’t have to live badly in a situation that cannot be changed!

Before knowing the mental tricks to combat negativity it is important that you know that only you are in control of your mind. This means that you must be aware that you have the strength and capacity to deal with negative thoughts and use them as fuel to move forward.

Today the taijitu is a very well known symbol. We refer to the famous circle with a white half and a black half that actually represents two fish.

The two parts have a name, the white one ” Yin ” (luminous) and the black one ” Yang “. In each part there is a point with the opposite color that represents the presence of good in evil and evil in good.

ying and yang

What does this symbol have to do with mental tricks to achieve goals? Well! We could use it as a small reminder to remind us that the negative part will always be present and cannot be eliminated, but that, by maintaining a certain balance, it can be controlled and prevented from taking over.

The importance of the help of a professional

While mental tricks are a great help in keeping the “right path” to your goal, you shouldn’t completely rule out the help of a professional.

When the situation is about to get out of hand and you can’t get over the negative phase, consulting a psychologist is the best thing you can do. Bringing your problems to the attention of a specialist will allow you to have an accurate diagnosis, thus avoiding worsening your situation.

Mental tricks to improve physical performance

There are several tricks you can use to counteract negative thoughts. In order for them to give results it is important to use them over time. You have to assimilate them into your daily habits, in this way it will not be difficult for you to implement them.

We recommend that you use one trick at a time. Once you have mastered one, you can move on to the next one, and so on until you can use several within the same day.

1. Look for catharsis

woman running

It often happens that people accumulate negative thoughts until they find themselves in really difficult situations from which they can hardly escape. When they can’t take it anymore, they let themselves go, also compromising the time dedicated to training. To avoid this, we must gradually learn to let go of everything that makes us angry and worries us.

Accumulating mental fatigue favors the onset of psychosomatic diseases such as, for example, chronic stress. In these cases, the best way to solve the problem is to trigger a cathartic process and bring out all the negativity. Try talking to someone about the thoughts that are stopping you from moving forward and get to work on resolving them.

Some of the best ways to release emotional tension are: dancing, singing, reading, drawing and painting.

2. Think about what really makes you happy

mental tricks for sportsmen

Negative thoughts can make you forget important aspects of your life, such as those that make you happy. To find peace of mind, try to have “simple” but “powerful” thoughts that make you feel good and make you smile.

Try to think about all the things you have accomplished, how far you have come, and the people who make you happy. Don’t forget how much you are worth, how important you are to others and that you can overcome any difficulty.

3. Have a memory

mind and sport

When you feel that negative thoughts are slowing down your life, remember all the times you thought you couldn’t make it and, instead, you did. Remember the immense satisfaction you felt in overcoming a problem or difficult situation.

Even though you didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, you didn’t give up and struggled to achieve your goals. Recalling those feelings will allow you to understand that negative thoughts are no stronger than you!

Negative thoughts are like termites, if you don’t fight them, they end up destroying the house. Use all the mental tricks you need to maintain your well-being.

Breathing, another great ally

One way to maintain the positive effect of mental tricks is to practice deep breathing techniques. All you need is dedication, focus and patience. It is not necessary to become an expert overnight, but to know the great benefits they bring and be constant in practicing them.

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