Muscle Strengthening: Is It Suitable For Women?

On a social level, we tend to think that the space dedicated to muscle strengthening in the gym is more suitable for men than for women; but beyond this anachronistic concept, we can say that exercises that involve the use of weights bring benefits to everyone.
Muscle strengthening: is it suitable for women?

Since the entry into society of the gyms, many clichés have sprung up around them ; among these, for example, the one according to women who cannot work on muscle strengthening stands out . There are many who do not do it for various reasons, so today we are going to see what the truth is about this issue.

In reality, muscle strengthening is accessible to everyone, in different ways.

Because women don’t want to focus on muscle strengthening

There are several reasons why women tend to overlook this aspect and they all revolve around the same thing: commonplaces. Here are some of them:

They feel embarrassed

Shyness and embarrassment can cause women to limit themselves when it comes to “building muscles”; this is because they may think men are looking at them and can make fun of them because of their limited muscle strength. We repeat, it is a MYTH, a cliché.

Nowadays, times have changed and the gym is for everyone; in addition, if you need it, it is very likely that a guy will approach you to help you do that exercise you want to do. Try it!

Barbell lifting

They think they are getting too muscular

The fundamental point of this statement is to understand that the accelerated growth of muscle volume typical of the male body, has a cause, and is called testosterone (a hormone that women have in low quantities). Those girls that you see strong and muscular to the point of looking like men are like that because they have dedicated their lives to it.

It seems that for a woman to become a bodybuilder and for the results to be visible on the body, it takes several years and several hours a day of training; it also takes eight special meals a day, protein supplements, and even male hormones. So, you can rest easy: what you will achieve by using weights for muscle strengthening of your body – if you train normally – will be toning.

They think it’s not very feminine

Many women think they are losing their femininity by weight lifting. Nothing further from reality! These models, fascinating and who set laws in terms of beauty standards, have obtained a body of 10 and praise thanks to muscle strengthening workouts. So, forget about complexes and clichés!

Yes, women can work on muscle strengthening

Girls, forget the fear of working out in the gym, in the area dedicated to weights. Whatever your goal (lose weight, tone up, train endurance or build muscle), you will succeed only by training with weights.

There are no exercises for men only or exercises for women only; we all can – and should – do everything. Doing only certain classes or just cardio will help you burn calories, but the fat will disappear and so will the muscle; so you are not giving the muscle any incentive to get stronger.

Woman raises barbell

Muscles need a strong stimulus that increases their volume and strength; this is achieved only through weights. Of course, at first glance it is likely that you cannot lift a significant weight and that you also feel a little bad about it. But rest assured: those who go to the gym are focused on themselves, so you won’t find anyone ready to make fun of you for it.

Little by little and with perseverance – which is the key to training – you will be able to lift heavier and heavier loads, and, therefore, you will increase your endurance.

If you want to lose those extra pounds that are bothering you, you will need to tone up so that the skin does not become “sagging” and so that you do not lose physical resistance. How can this be done? With weights! So, let go of your fears and embark on a workout that involves the whole body.

In conclusion, can women, then, work on muscle strengthening? Of course yes! And not only can they, but they have to! Roll up your sleeves and you will see that the results will come in a short time!

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