Nutritional Tips To Improve In Triathlon

Nutrition is essential for those who play sports even at a competitive level. Here are some useful tips to improve in Triathlon thanks to nutrition
Nutritional advice to improve in Triathlon

Triathlon is one of the most demanding sports disciplines and it requires incredible effort from any athlete. There are different categories of difficulty, but the competition always includes three different specialties: new, cycling and marathon. Simply switching from one to the other is, in itself, a huge challenge. Imagine when the goal is to compete against the clock! But for this very reason today we will reveal some nutritional tricks to be able to improve in the Triathlon.

Only a few years ago we understood the importance of nutrition in sports and how it can affect aspects such as endurance and muscle recovery. A better diet, designed on the basis of the metabolic needs of a single athlete, allows in fact to bring him to a much higher performance. If you want to improve in Triathlon , then, don’t miss this article!

Much more than a balanced diet

It is impossible to develop muscle groups properly and have a healthy physique if you have an insufficient or poor diet. At the same time, it is also right to “reward” the gluttony, from time to time, so as not to feel the frustration of an excessively restrictive and monotonous diet. Thanks to a correct choice of food, in fact, even Triathlon athletes will be able to raise the bar upwards, practically without giving up anything.

The same rigor that you apply in the gym or during outdoor workouts must also be used at the food level. The list of ingredients to be consumed, as well as each of the meals that will be taken weekly, should be defined in advance of the competition period.

Carbohydrates: essential for those who do Triathlons

Carbohydrates form the backbone of these super athletes’ menu. They are the fuel needed to allow their body to have enough energy to face the three different specialties. It will be impossible to go on successfully in a competition without a correct intake of carbohydrates.

Preparing yourself as much as possible for these competitions and, at the same time, following a diet aimed at losing weight, does not make much sense. One of the mistakes that many make, especially those who have recently started triathlons, is to exclude carbohydrates from their eating routine, thinking that they promote weight gain. We remind you that there are good carbohydrates (simple and complex) that you need to take, while you will have to exclude the bad ones (called “processed”) which contain excessive amounts of saturated fats and sugars.

Pasta is fine, but it’s not enough

For a long time, it was thought that to improve in Triathlon it was enough to ingest high quantities of this food. After all, pasta is cheap, easy to find, tasty and convenient, since it can be eaten both hot and cold.

Some alleged “specialists” recommend eating pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner, in the days leading up to a competition. But there are other sources of carbohydrates you should consider to give your body all the energy it needs.

How to improve in Triathlon

The list of these alternative foods to pasta includes for example:

  • Rice.
  • Cooked potatoes (with peel).
  • Natural corn.

Also some legumes like soy, lentils and chickpeas will do just fine. These are elements that also include a lot of fiber, protein, vitamins and high doses of minerals.

Proteins and minerals for Triathlon

Although carbohydrates are the main item on the menu, a triathlete’s nutrition cannot ignore other essential nutrients. For example, quality proteins are vital.

For a balanced diet, meats are other foods that should never be missing. They also provide minerals such as iron, which is needed to avoid imbalances that could cause anemia.

You should also give importance to all foods rich in B vitamins such as sardines and salmon, as well as legumes, egg yolks and offal. Promoting a full metabolism, consuming meals that contain both carbohydrates and proteins will facilitate the formation of red blood cells and folic acid.

“Natural” candies

With such a demanding training regimen, it’s natural to always feel hungry. To avoid falling into the temptation to consume inadequate but tasty foods, a simple trick is to always keep dried fruits on hand. They are rich in healthy fats, calcium, and B-complex vitamins. They also provide vitamins A, C and E, which are needed to compensate for oxidation.

Water, a lot

Having seen the importance of carbohydrates and proteins, we certainly cannot forget what is probably the most important aspect: hydration. Drinking a lot of water, to improve in Triathlon, is frankly essential.

The loss of fluids through sweat can reach very high levels both in training and obviously during grueling competitions. It is absolutely crucial to have your hydration strengthened before, during and after the triathlon.

Eating foods with a high water content is also important to hydrate properly. The list includes cucumbers, oranges and tomatoes, as well as watermelons and melons, a type of fruit that can also be easily taken as a snack between the 3 main meals.

Triathlon swimmers

Tips to improve in Triathlon thanks to nutrition

On race day, you should have breakfast 2 hours before starting the race. We are talking about the first meal which should be high in carbohydrates, with a moderate amount of protein and low in fiber.

Breakfast is not the best time to experiment. Leave aside all those foods that could cause digestive problems, putting at risk all the preparation you have carried out in order to compete.

But racing on an empty stomach is also a bad idea. The body could quickly run dry, with catastrophic results from both the performance and your well-being point of view.

Post-race nutrition is also essential. For those who cannot tolerate solid food immediately after completing exercise, coconut water is a great ally. Once the body has returned to a state of calm, after the competitive stress, you can reward yourself with some snacks, obviously natural.

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